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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Have you ever noticed how wintertime gets all the good songs?  I’ve never understood how autumn, in all her glory, got missed. Well, here is my song of the season, sung to the tune of “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

 They’ll be leaf piles for jumping

And apples for dunking

And nature will give us a show


They’ll be pies for the baking

And friends for the making

And carved pumpkins lit all aglow


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Fall BargainsStyling:

Hair/Hat: Falling For You – Exile at Collabor88

Sweater: Cold Shoulder Top Spiced Sweater – Drift at The Dressing Room Fusion

Collar: Chic Leather Collar Chocolate – Drift

Pants: Amanda Pants Linen Black – A&C Sweet

Boots: Anais Boots Black – Realizm at Material Girl Fashion Bazaar

Pose: September Gift – Diesel Works

Location: Vespertine


Winter Sophisticate

Twilight.  A little moody.  A little sultry.  With a hint of chill.  Grab your coat and head outside for a winter stroll. This gorgeous plaid coat in warm colors with fur trim is a group gift from ShuShu.

ShuShu Kiss Coat

Adding to the sultry, shadowy feel of the evening is Face Paint’s Sophisticate makeup with dramatic smokey eyes. Each set also comes with a lash liner option for red carpet glam.

ShuShu Face Paint Sophisticate


Coat: Evening Kiss Coat (Group Gift) – ShuShu

Collar: Chic Collar Cranberry – Drift

Makeup: Sophisticate – Face Paint

Hair: Sira Jet Black – Amacci

Leggings: Wool Pants Red – Milk Motion

Purse: Azealia Mini Bag Black – Fleshtone

Boots: Warm Boot Black – Piccara

Poses: Model 115 and Model 117 – Focus Poses

How can you say no to that?

Oh those puppy dog eyes.  They are learned young and then used forever.  Combined with a gentle squeeze and a plaintive “Please?;” how can you say “no” to that?

Sharp Shine Combo

Sharp Shine Handverk


On Nyree:

Blouse: [ZD] Mesh Silk Blouse Lilac – Shine

Pants: Boyfriend Pants Mesh Denim- Drift

Earrings: Cake Chandelier Earrings in Copper – Handverk at L’accessories

Makeup: Grace Storm –  Face Paint

Hair: Kesha – DeLa

Necklace/Ring: Rosana Necklace and Ring color-change – Ben’s Beauty at fi*Friday

Shoes: Lalitha Flats Mesh Ballerina – ALB

On Darion:

Hoodie: Mesh Hoodie Grey – Sharp

Jeans: Slim Jeans Straight Classic Blue Mesh – Sharp

T-shirt: Frankie Shirt (group gift) – Legal Insanity

Hair: Dura Boy 18 – Dura

Necklace: Two Strand Necklace – Gabriel

Bracelet: CZ No 10 Bracelet (group gift) – Chop Zuey

Shoes: Smart Ass Sneakers (part of Smart Ass outfit) – Delirium Style

Pose: Exposeur


Treats…this is a word we learn young that forever induces a smile, and in many cases, a scramble.  For example, I’ve learned there is no point in calling my cats by name to get them to come inside when simply hollering “TREATS!” out the door will send them tumbling one over the other to be the first inside.  And kids?  Well, they can’t get to the table fast enough, after which there is the tussle over who has the biggest piece or who took more.  And as adults…well, we really aren’t any better.  We all have our favorite treats, and this time of the year, holidays seem to go hand in hand with treats.  Hey…it’s cold outside. So why not indulge in a bit of comfort food, a little extra padding to insulate us, and a bulky sweater to hide under for a few months.


Sweater: Cozy Boatneck Sweater Pumpkin – Drift

Skirt: Cozy Sweater Skirt Stripe 1 – Drift

Collar: Puffler Leopard – BOOM

Necklace: Munching Deer Necklace – ATTIC

Hair: Shena Soil – Vanity Hair

Makeup: Doe Natural – Face Paint

Pose: Autumn Leaves Set – Focus Poses

Scene: Autumn Harvest Fest Decorative Food Table and Autumn Harvest Fest Backdrop – Circa Living

Walk about

On a “walk about,” it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.   

When you get to a fork in the road, flip a coin.  Heads is left, tails is right.

See where the journey takes you.


Hair: LCA518 – booN

Makeup: Kitty Cat Pink – Face Paint

Dress: Tabby New Orleans – Prism

Tights: Vacay Tights Ocean – LD Major

Belt: Fish Scales Belt Black – Dark Mouse (no longer available)

Collar: Chic Leather Collar Grey – Drift

Necklace: Tarifa Necklace – MG at Collabor88

Bracelet: Chic Bangles Silver – Sigma Jewels

Purse: Handbag White (part of the Handbag Pose set) – BehaviorBody

Boots: Military Babe Pink – BSD Design Studio

Poses: BeBo Runway – BehaviorBody