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Make me Purr

Purring to me is an expression of absolute contentment, and yes, I am a cat lover.  A cat’s purr has been said to vibrate at a frequency that can actually heal bones, and cats purr not only when contented, but also when frightened or in pain, kicking off endorphins to heal and calm themselves and everyone around them.

For me though, I think of other things that make me purr. Some days it is letting a piece of Swiss chocolate melt in my mouth, or listening to most anything by Lindsey Stirling.  Sunshine on my bare shoulders, or laying in bed on a weekend morning with a purring kitten on my chest…yes…I purr too.

Then, there are the special people in your life, where there nearness alone, those silent times of connection where no words are necessary, just a look, a touch….I don’t hear it, but  I can feel it inside; that long, languid, contented purr.  Purrs are found when we slow down, be present, and just savor.  A purr is pure blissful enjoyment of the moment. Here’s wishing you many purrs throughout your day.

Shine Comic Fair Meow_003



Dress: Nelly Mesh Mini Dress Blue – shine by [ZD] at the Comics Fair 2014

Hair: Stay the Night Autumn – Exile

Bracelet: Tamara Bracelet – Ben’s Beauty

Necklace: Noir Necklace (old Group Gift) – Finesmith

Pose: Enjoy – Morphine

Location: It All Starts With a Smile



Don’t Hurt Me Event March 23rd-24th

The animals in our lives…they give so much, and ask for so little.  The best part of their day is when you walk through the door.  They curl up beside you, a warm comfort, whenever you are sick.  They don’t care what you look like…you are always beautiful to them. They make you feel needed.  They make you laugh.  They love…and love…and love, truly unconditionally.

Don't Hurt Me Pic

To think that an animal doesn’t feel, doesn’t love, is to never have been blessed to have one in your life.  We share this planet with many species.  It is our responsibility to protect them, both for their sakes, and our own. Every year 5 to 7 million animals are in shelters nationwide.  Many others are abused, neglected, or killed senselessly.  We need to respect and care for the animals we are blessed to share this great planet with, both wild and domestic.


Don’t Hurt Me is a 24 hour fundraiser focused on highlighting the hurting animals out there, and what you can do to help.  It will be filled with back to back musical and dance performances from 3pm Saturday, March 23rd until 3pm Sunday, March 24th.  Please enjoy this wonderful day with us, and we hope you can donate to this important cause.  The show will be recorded in its entirety and streamed on metaverse, but you may also visit the live performances at the locations below.

Taxi to Musical Performances

Taxi to 7pm It Girlz & Fellaz Dance Performance


Sweater: Mesh Mock Neck Long Sleeve Red Stripe – Shine for SL Buddy Walk Charity Event

Hair: Angel Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Ring: Touch of Love Ring Gold/Ruby – Finesmith Valentine2012 Hunt item

Cat: Black Cat Avatar – Zooby

You look wonderful tonight

It’s late in the evening, she’s wondering what clothes to wear. She puts on her makeup, and brushes her long dark hair.  And then she asks me; “Do I look alright?” And I say; “Yes, you look wonderful tonight.” lyrics by Eric Clapton.

It was while dancing in Molichino’s Liri dress that I came to fully appreciate the artistry of it.  It caresses the body much the way real silk does, with beautiful draping that clings gently to belly and hips, teasing at the shape beneath it with each sashay. This design debuts at Fashion For Life, and comes in an exclusive shade of lavender for the event.

Molichino Kiri Dress Cream

The soft elegance of Liri lends itself to myriad styling options.  I chose to keep things very feminine, playing with soft green and peach accents from HANDverk, EMO-tions, Finesmith, and Redgrave, finishing with the casual updo, Semiramis, from EMO-tions featured at Fashion For Life.  You have a few more hours today to give to a great cause and gather up some EMO-tions hair specials, only 99L each at Fashion For Life.

Molichino Kiri Dress Cream Close


Hair: Semiramis Dark Brown – EMO-tions for Fashion For Life

Dress: Liri Dress Cream – Molichino

Necklace/Earrings: Eternal spring – EMO-tions

Ring: Louise Luminous Pearl Color-change – Finesmith

Clutch: Leather Feather Clutch Green – HANDverk

Eye Makeup: Sunkissed Summer 2013 – Face Paint

Lips: Dailyn Lipgloss Medium Rust – Izzie’s

Shoes: Doro Color-change – Redgrave

Poses: Model Set 127 – Focus Poses


Home: Darth Mesh Home (group gift) – Creative Decay

Hanging Light: Imbue Orb Pendant Light – Circa Living

Standing Light: Crysalis Shaft Light Standing – Circa Living

Rug/Chair/Table/Tea Set: Part of Aurora Takai IDX 6.0 Bedroom Suite – Akaesha Designs

Plant in basket: Okinawa Bamboo Tree Small Floor – Zen & Serenity

Bamboo Floor Vase: Japanese Vase – Bahia Tiki

Screen: G7 Japanese Screen – Abadutiker


You can’t be a model without a little bit of vanity, so why not add a fun prop to play dress up with, from Circa Living.  Circa Living has recently come out with a whole slew of different vanity styles.  They look great in a bathroom or bedroom, and comes with all kinds of assorted makeup, mirror, and brush props, along with a chair full of primping poses, so you can beautify your avatar into a supermodel.  Plus, the counter top is color-change to match any decor.

I also had to try out Molichino’s Haley tunic in yet another color, but styled more like a silk robe to coordinate with Handverk’s Water Pumps, available at Zodiac for Aquarius.  The heels look like a water urn being poured, and the flow of water is the stiletto portion of the heel, very cute and clever.

Circa LivingVanity and Handverk Aquarius Pumps


Vanity/makeup props/chair: Atria Vanity (Home & Garden exclusive) – Circa Living

Dress: Haley in Sapphire – Molichino

Shoes: Water Pump – Handverk for Aquarius at Zodiac

Bra: Catalina Lingerie Set in Raven – The Sea Hole

Hair: Veronica Black Coffee – Wasabi Pills

Makeup: Eartha – Face Paint

Earrings: Cougar (group gift) – Finesmith

My Kind of Halloween Costume

I have never been one to dress up in spooky Halloween costumes, however, I do look forward to handing out candy to the neighbor kids on Halloween night and seeing their creativity and cuteness.  The pumpkins, my favorite Halloween tradition, have been carved and lit, and I’m dressed in my type of Halloween costume for the night, one that lends itself to opening and closing the door a hundred times for trick-or-treaters.  It is all about warmth and comfort, including a cozy loose sweater baring just a touch of shoulder, a pair of denim leggings, and of course, some comfortable tapestry boots, all with touches of oranges and browns in honor of the season.  With candy in hand and standing by the door, I’m all ready to hear that chorus of “Trick or Treat!”  Happy Halloween, everyone.


Sweater: Glenna Sweater Dress in Autumn Leaves (Limited Edition available Sat,Nov 3) – Prism

Leggings: Blue Charlie Tights (part of the Charlie Blue Sweater Dress & Leggings outfit) – Tres Beau

Boots: California Dream Boots – ALB

Belt: Leather Belt – Ivanka Akina Fashion Store

Jewelry: Organic in Brown Leather – Finesmith

Hair: Hong Kong Brunette – UrbanLutz

Makeup: Barbie Makeup 6 – Face Paint

Pumpkin and Pose: Pumpkins – Focus Poses

Boho goes cosmo

Who says boho can’t be dressy?  I took a mix and match of Boho Culture Fair finds to make a mono-chromatic casual chic look that I think would be worthy of the high-end shopping districts.  Boho is about fun, freedom, and texture to me, not just bold colors.  So I thought I’d try for a cosmopolitan look, with flowy pants and tone-on-tone layers, accented with sparkly beads, bows, fringes and a “big boy” diamond ring.


Hair: Bahar black (w/colorchange bow) – ARI at The Boho Culture Fair

Poncho: Vintage Poncho – Rivendell at The Boho Culture Fair

Shirt: Boho Autumn Top (part of the Boho AutumnEarth set) – artMEFashion at The Boho Culture Fair

Pants: Flower Pants dry grass – Mimi Noire at The Boho Culture Fair

Purse: Hippie Bag grey – I <3FashiOn at The Boho Culture Fair

Pose: So Boho (slightly modified by purse animation in bag) –  Eternal Dream Poses & Animations at The Boho Culture Fair

Belt: Ethnic LPD Gold Belt (part of the Ethnic outfit) – Bare Rose

Ring: Massive Diamond Rings (hunt item) – Finesmith

Makeup: Bella Vetro Gloss Toast – [mock]

Shoes: Fancy Shoes Delicate Black Oxfords – The White Armory

The eyes have it

This flirty little number is all about the eyes, mixing fluffy, soft and sultry into a wonderful summer-into-fall casual outfit.  Brand new from Molichino to celebrate their first year anniversary is the relaxed tunic, a short-sleeved sweater available in a range of colors with a mix-and-match fur collar that veils the lower half of the face, bringing the focus on the eyes.  This tunic works great alone as a mini dress when paired with some boots, and is also great for layering over your favorite tights or leggings.

And since this outfit is really all about the eyes, why not have some fun with bold, dramatic eye makeups?  I chose Madrid Solo’s Guilty Pleasures, available this month at Gypset Market, for a sultry sparkle, then framed my eyes further with loose and wild curls from EMO-tions.


Hair:  Gwen Dark Brown (2 styles available to switch between) – EMO-tions

Makeup: Guilty Pleasures – Madrid Solo at Gypset Market

Dress: Relaxed Tunic in Ice Blue – Molichino

Collar: Fur Collar Charcoal – Molichino

Boots: Nine to Five in Slate (part of the Nine to Five Outfit) – Gizza

Bracelet: Chic Bangles Silver – Sigma

Nails: Birds Nails (Finesmith Hunt item) – Finesmith (no longer available)

Poses: Model Set 99 – Focus Poses