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I need you

Baby take a good look at my face. You know my smile looks out of place.

Rainy Day Couple

If you look closer it’s easy to trace, the tracks of my tears: Lyrics: The Tracks of My Tears, by Smokey Robinson.

Rainy Day1

Rainy Day2

On Nyree:

Hair: Sunshine Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Audry 6 – Face Paint

Belt/Dress: Mesh Shiny Mini Dress w Belt in Rose – Shine

Poncho: Paula Poncho Beige – LpD

Pants: Jenyfer Pants Brown – Chloe

Shoes: Victorian Chic Feather Boots – Gizza

Ring: Macarons Multi Ring Color-change – LaGyo

Umbrella: April Showers Umbrella Black Couples – HANDverk at The Pose Fair

Poses: April Showers Sitting and April Showers Melancholy – Exposeur at The Pose Fair

On Darion:

Coat: Mesh Trench Coat Grey – Sharp

Pants: Mesh Suit Pants Grey – Sharp

Scarf: Camoni Scarf Grey Check – Splendeurs Surfwear

Shirt: My Street Tank – Delirium Style

Hair: Dura Boy 28 – Dura

Shoes: Male Dress Shoes – Gabriel

Pose: Here Comes the Rain Again – Exposeur at The Pose Fair



Shine’s spring collection is out, and one of their many items includes this off-the-shoulder dress harkening back to the seventies, covered in a myriad of circles within circles. This flirty tunic dress was the perfect pairing with BSD’s Oprahouse heels, that look like the roof of the Sydney Opra house in Australia, in black with a purple heel and base. EMO-tions high braided Siiri poneytail furthers my girly seventies look

Shine Purple Dress1

From circles to triangles.  Handverk’s cute Tetrahedron clutch is available currently at L’assessoires in colors to match all your outfits, and EMO-tions has expanded their offerings to now include jewelry. I’m wearing their new Vari set in silver and black.

Shine Purple Dress 2

I must be rockin the geometrics, because it looks like someone wants a date. How long do you think I should play coy?

Shine Purple Sharp Military


On Nyree:

Hair: Siiri Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Dress: Mesh Blouse Dress with Ribbon Violet – Shine

Jewelry: Vari Silver and Black – EMO-tions

Clutch: Tetrahedron Lilac – Handverk at L’accessoires

Makeup: Smokes Storm – Face Paint

Shoes: Oprahouse Raw – BSD Design Studio

Poses: Model 124, Model 125, Casual Girl 3 – Focus Poses

On Darion:

Jacket: Military Jacket Black- Sharp

Shirt: Dubble Layer Sweater Blue/Purple – Delirium Style

Jeans: Denim Jeans – Gabriel

Hat/Hair: Dura x Arai Braid w Hat Dark Brown – Dura

Necklace: Hot Tiger Men’s Necklace – Chop Zuey

Shoes: Leather Bootie Black – Gabriel

Pose: Model Man – Impacto Poses

How can you say no to that?

Oh those puppy dog eyes.  They are learned young and then used forever.  Combined with a gentle squeeze and a plaintive “Please?;” how can you say “no” to that?

Sharp Shine Combo

Sharp Shine Handverk


On Nyree:

Blouse: [ZD] Mesh Silk Blouse Lilac – Shine

Pants: Boyfriend Pants Mesh Denim- Drift

Earrings: Cake Chandelier Earrings in Copper – Handverk at L’accessories

Makeup: Grace Storm –  Face Paint

Hair: Kesha – DeLa

Necklace/Ring: Rosana Necklace and Ring color-change – Ben’s Beauty at fi*Friday

Shoes: Lalitha Flats Mesh Ballerina – ALB

On Darion:

Hoodie: Mesh Hoodie Grey – Sharp

Jeans: Slim Jeans Straight Classic Blue Mesh – Sharp

T-shirt: Frankie Shirt (group gift) – Legal Insanity

Hair: Dura Boy 18 – Dura

Necklace: Two Strand Necklace – Gabriel

Bracelet: CZ No 10 Bracelet (group gift) – Chop Zuey

Shoes: Smart Ass Sneakers (part of Smart Ass outfit) – Delirium Style

Pose: Exposeur

In command of the season

Funny how when the weather begins to change, the things we desire begin to change as well.  Now that fall is approaching I find myself wanting to make homemade baked potato soup and apple pie, and indulge in other comfort foods that were just too hearty for summer fare.  I also find myself playing with clothing layers; and nothing speaks of fall louder to me than plaids.

In the Commander Coatdress from Zanze House of Couture, you will feel ready for the season.  This is a wonderful layering piece, available in 5 different versions, and just begging to be paired with turtlenecks, scarfs, or even a lacy collar.   I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not, but tights are in this year.  I chose to pull some of the blue out of the plaid stitching of the coat with royal blue Gizza tights.  And even though I’m usually brunette, I’m feeling in command of the season with a bright dollop of auburn curls from EMO-tions, since hair can be just as much a layering piece in SL as clothes and jewelry.  Finishing my look is a playful tote bag from Lush Limited with a trend towards the fun “geek chic” with its proclamation; “Dear Algebra, Stop asking me to solve your “X” problem.  Clearly she doesn’t want you.”


Hair: Lala (Group Gift) – EMO-tions

Coatdress: Commander mesh Coatdress in Hunter – Zanze House of Couture

Tote Bag: Tote – Math Issues – Lush Limited

Turtleneck: Highneck Sweater (Mimi’s Group gift) – Gabriel at Mimi’s Choice

Gloves: Gemma Black Gloves – Indyra Originals

Hat: Shine Hat (modified) – Diram

Tights: Baroque Fiori Tights in Royal Blue (part of the Baroque Fiori outfit) – Gizza

Shoes: Extreme Ankle Boots (colorchange Red/Brown/Sand) – Opium

Brooch: Flourish Rose Gold Equestrianne – Eclectica Jewelry

Eye Makeup: Eyes 01 Yellow Blue – My Pretty Pixels

Lips: Lucir Lipcolor Copper Rust – [mock]

Poses: Pic 1 – Femme Fatale set, Pic 2 – Runway Set 3 – Focus Poses