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Comings and goings: For the love of shopping

Saturday turned into a mega shopping day for me, visiting some of the events just coming in, and making one last run to some of those that are going out.  Here is a sampling of some of the finds and finery from my shopping trip.

Going out end of day July 28th. The Home Show, where I found this flower table-scape from Circa Living, and Hair Fair, where any budget I might have gone in with was…gasp…quickly out the window for the love of hair. You still have time today to make one last round before these great events close down.

Events coming in…I Love Donna Flora, where I snapped me up some spunky green sandals for my Slinks.  I love shopping for a good cause, with so many lovely exclusives donated by the designers especially for this event, and knowing that funds are going to help a wonderful lady, Ms. Donna Flora herself, Squinternet Larnia.  So, I figured I had every excuse to indulge.  Also new this month is this luscious halter babydoll dress from Shine by [ZD], with its satin sheen.

Shine Handverk Events

Additionally, Zodiac just rolled out.  As you may have guessed from my lion tail necklace from HANDverk, this roaring round is celebrating Leos.  Finally, finishing things off is one version of the new Nyree eye makeup from Face Paint.  Yes…named after me, and to say I’m flattered and honored would be an understatement. This collection comes in a variety of colors, with and without lipstick option, which makes it wonderful for layering.

Shine Handverk Events Close


Hair: Bianca Dark Brown – Slink at Hair Fair

Dress: Neckholder Babydoll – shine by [ZD]

Earrings: Burst Carnelian – HANDverk

Necklace: Lion Tail Necklace Grass – HANDverk at Zodiac Leo

Shoes: Boudoir Slippers Green – Slink at I Love Donna Flora

Eye Makeup: Nyree Green no lip – Face Paint

Lips: Dailyn Gloss Medium Tomato – Izzie’s

Pose: Shopaholoc – Glitterati (no longer available)


Table: Summer Reflections Coffee Table – Circa Living

Flowers: Paradise Reef Candle – Circa Living at the Home Show

Couches: Hufnie Sofa’s Green – The Loft

Picture: Wall Art Deco 3 – Mirage Arabian Treasure Company

Screen: Japanese Screen – Abadutiker

Rug: Natural Inspirations Bamboo Sauna Rug – Zen and Serenity Shop


Letting go

You’ve been letting me go, little by little for a while now, and I’ve been moving away.  You’ve been my temporary home, and in that time, more of a partner to me than others who vowed to love me till death parted us, but left far sooner.  You’ve never promised this to me, nor I to you, and yet you’ve shown your commitment to me in myriad ways, mostly by letting me be me, and loving me despite my quirks.

With you, I feel safe emotionally.  Safe enough to gradually…ever so gradually…let you go, because it is time, and I need to, even if I still love you.  We’ve both seen it coming, the love still there, but the reality of a future together dimming.  The gentle pulling away, spending more time living separate lives, clinging together briefly in moments of passion and panic, as though trying to reassure each other that it isn’t ending, but knowing in our hearts what is on the horizon.  Don’t speak of it…let’s not speak of it aloud.

shine-sharp casuals

Sometimes love isn’t enough, when what each one wants in life is so different. And still we love for today…letting go a little more each day, knowing there will come a day, in the not so distant future, when there is that last kiss goodbye, that final embrace, and then just feeling lost for a time without the other, hoping that what we had can eventually become an abiding friendship as we both move on to whatever life holds for us.

No…don’t speak of it today.  Don’t say it aloud, because today, I am still here.  You are still here.  We will love for today and let tomorrow unfold as it will.

shine-sharp casuals near


On Nyree:

Shirt: Girl’s Slim Mesh T Pastel Green – shine by [ZD]

Shorts: Mesh Girls Cargo Shorts Brown – shine by [ZD]

Necklace: Burst Necklace Carnelian and Silver – HANDverk

Lashes: Long Prim Lashes – Face Paint

Liner: NIC Perfect Liner Black – Face Paint

Lips: NIC Perfect Gloss – Face Paint

Hair/Hat: Lola Mesh Hair Chocolate – Wasabi Pills

Shoes: Sabia Espadrilles Linen – Tabloid

On Darion:

Shirt: Mesh Vintage Tee Plum – sharp by [ZD]

Shorts: Summer Cargo Shorts color-change – JLB Apparel

Hat/Hair: Boy/Girl 18 – Dura

Necklace: Men’s Happiness Choker Chaine – Wicked Gear

Scene: Mangrove Tree Bridge – Rustica

Pose: Follow – Glitterati

Style like you have 100K in your pocket – MVW Day 2

Assignment for Miss Virtual World Academy Day 2 – Chic Casual Modern Model. Imagine you were on 5th avenue with $100,000 to spend on an amazingly chic casual understated look.

So here I am….stopping traffic. I channeled my inner J-Lo and Kim Kardashian for this styling challenge.  Luxurious fabrics and accessories was what I was after, so I started with a skirt I had in inventory that I just love, love, love from Zaara, in a blend of ivory linen and swishy silk, with a belted, high-waist.  For a morning fresh look, I kept my blouse simple, feminine, and summery, selecting a scarf halter top in a lovely geometric print and soft colors from Leezu.

Of course I needed a purse to carry all my lindens and a spritz of expensive cologne before leaving the house (if you inhale deeply and use your imagination, I bet you can smell it right through the computer).  Then the first stop of the day was the booN salon, for a casually intricate updo to display my pretty earrings. Now I’m ready for 5th Avenue, with perhaps a scone and latte on the way to keep my energy up.

And…the results of MVW Day 2…..Frolic said he’d open his shop doors to me, but just barely (not quite what I’d expected, but he didn’t elaborate).  He said he loved the lips, it was much better.  Then….GASP….he called me CUTE!  Now, cute in the real world is a compliment.  Sadly, in much of the modeling world, it is NOT.  Models are to be glamourous or fierce, not cute.  Cute is only acceptable in the fashion industry when combined with attitude.  So, I will need to un-cute myself.


Hair: UAN168 in Chocolate – booN

Blouse: Cloe Top in green – Leezu

Skirt: Larin Skirt in Ivory – Zaara

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Earrings: LBD Gold Ethnic Earrings (Part of the Ethnic outfit) – Bare Rose

Bag: Resort Satchel Sky – Leverocci

Makeup: Opal Lipcolor Contessa – [mock]

Poses: Corpus and Manifeste

Go….go now!

For all you boho fans, modern day hippies, and gypies at heart, this is the place to go.  !gO! is one of my newest discoveries, and having a touch of gypsy in me, I want everything in the store.  !gO! is a mecca for casual bohemian and funky friendly fashion.  I’m wearing the blOOm mesh dress, which comes in so many wonderful prints you could wear it out or wear it to bed, depending on your selection.  This dress has comfort appeal, draping loose from spaghetti straps with big side pockets for some casual chic.  So go…go now, to !gO!, for some fresh new favorites for your wardrobe.

I’m also wearing one of the new mesh Secrets hairs called Whisper.  I love the face framing tendrils and big full ponytail under my huge floppy hat.  What I also love is that the new Secrets mesh hair is adjustable.  The skull portion of the hair is sculpted, so you can adjust it to fit your head, instead of having to adjust your head to the hair, and yet, the entire hair, mesh and all, is still one piece.  So not only is Whisper lovely and feminine in style, it is very user friendly for a mesh item.


Hat: Huge brim mesh hat in coral – Baiastice

Hair: Whisper in Sable – Secrets

Dress: blOOm dress – !gO!

Jewelry: Wanderer Jewelry Set in Wood Medley – League

Clutch: Box Clutch White – Coco Designs

Nails: Mandala

Eyeshadow: Paint Shimmer Shadow Brown – Face Paint

Lips: Ruby Ruby Lipshine – [mock]

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Poses: Model 74 – Focus Poses

The Mesh Collection by Amarelo Manga

This is what I imagine the women in the islands wear to the office.  No traditional business suits for them, but instead something fresh, chic, and patterned, like this blazer and belt combo from Amarelo Manga’s new mesh collection. Nylons…heavens no.  Instead, dressy shorts and a pretty pair of sandals.  And don’t forget a coordinating hair flower.  Now this is office attire I don’t mind wearing at all, because you can take it from day to an evening out without changing a thing.


Blazer: Blazer Fall Blue (mesh) –  Amarelo Manga

Shorts: Short Fall Black (mesh) – Amarelo Manga

Bag: Crocodile Travel Bag Nude (mesh) – Amarelo Manga

Hair: Desir – Osmose

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Earrings: Folieole Maple – Finesmith

Makeup: [mock]

Backdrop: Cinecitta Pack – PNP

Pose: Manifeste

Siren’s Song

While browsing the Fantasy Faire, I stumbled across my friend and White Armory colleague Theta Marseille’s (Cooperstone) Mermaid Treasures Boutique booth on the Siren’s Secret sim.  As a sometimes mer on another avi of mine, I have been a fan of her work for sometime.  Her shop looked great, and I dropped her a line to tell her that she seems to be becoming one of the forerunners of mer fashion and accessories these days from what I’ve been seeing.  She sent me the lovely Mer-Mesh Mermaid in Purple, one of her Relay For Life offerings, as a friendship gift, telling me I didn’t have to blog it.  Well…it is simply too stunning not to share with you all, with its iridescent scales and mesh fit that works even without a mer ao, and secondly, it is a Relay For Life item, a very worthy cause.  So it is my pleasure to share with you the fish that DIDN’T get away.

Pics by my good friend Ai Hienrichs


Mer Tail/Top: RFL2012 MerMesh Mermaid Purple – Mermaid Treasures Boutique on Siren’s Secret. See more at the Mermaid Treasures Boutique Mainstore

Earring/Accessories: RFL Tribal Purple Accessories – Mermaid Treasures Boutique on Siren’s Secret

Mer Fins/Scales/Archer’s Wick: Lumina Purple – Evie’s Closet

Tiara: – Frida Silver – Utopia

Hair: Messy Hair – Boudoir

Belly Chain: Dove – Silver – Elvenbreath

Bubbles: Sense of Snow – Finesmith

Poses: Underwater – Pose Fair Exclusive – Glitterati