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Tea Party

I think the Brits have the right idea.  American girls dispense with their tea parties as a rule some time around when we outgrow our dolls and teddy bears.  It is a shame really, because we all get hungry and need a snack at about that time of the afternoon, anyway.  Secondly, the only place in the U.S. we get to wear awesome hats is to the Kentucky Derby, and if you aren’t into horse racing, or old enough to pull off wearing one to church, there just isn’t much opportunity to doll-up with girly hat included.  I’m for bringing back tea parties, with all the goodies.

Tea Time

And speaking of goodies, Circa Living’s newest delicacies simply make me hungry.  My chocolate cravings have been off the charts between the trays of chocolate drizzled croissants, muffins, and chocolate candy cups.  They were perfect for an SL garden tea party, and of course, I took the opportunity to wear a girly hat.

Tea Time Close


Epicure Assorted Croissants Tray – Circa Living

Epicure Assorted Muffins Tray – Circa Living

Epicure Chocolate Cups Platter – Circa Living

Ladie’s Tea Wall Plate Set in Pink (Group Gift)- Circa Living

Party Food Side Table French Floral Tan – Circa Living

Leonardo Chair – Leezu

Worn Out Rug – Boathouse

Watching the Sunset Tent – Kuro


Dress: Summer Breeze Dress Lilac – Le Petite Details (LpD)

Hat: Cristiana Headpiece –  Donna Flora

Jewelry: Mother’s Pearl Earrings and Necklace (color-change) – LaGyo

Shoes: Bisque Cygnette – Schandenfeaude

Gloves: Lace Short Gloves – LOW Industries

Hair: Adorable Dark Brown – TuTy’s

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Daily Pink – MONS

Lips: Crema Lipcolor Carnation – [mock]


I need you

Baby take a good look at my face. You know my smile looks out of place.

Rainy Day Couple

If you look closer it’s easy to trace, the tracks of my tears: Lyrics: The Tracks of My Tears, by Smokey Robinson.

Rainy Day1

Rainy Day2

On Nyree:

Hair: Sunshine Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Audry 6 – Face Paint

Belt/Dress: Mesh Shiny Mini Dress w Belt in Rose – Shine

Poncho: Paula Poncho Beige – LpD

Pants: Jenyfer Pants Brown – Chloe

Shoes: Victorian Chic Feather Boots – Gizza

Ring: Macarons Multi Ring Color-change – LaGyo

Umbrella: April Showers Umbrella Black Couples – HANDverk at The Pose Fair

Poses: April Showers Sitting and April Showers Melancholy – Exposeur at The Pose Fair

On Darion:

Coat: Mesh Trench Coat Grey – Sharp

Pants: Mesh Suit Pants Grey – Sharp

Scarf: Camoni Scarf Grey Check – Splendeurs Surfwear

Shirt: My Street Tank – Delirium Style

Hair: Dura Boy 28 – Dura

Shoes: Male Dress Shoes – Gabriel

Pose: Here Comes the Rain Again – Exposeur at The Pose Fair

Out on the town

As the U.S. springs forward, I thought I’d step out on the town dressed for windy pre-spring weather for some distraction-free me time.  Just me today, out and about, with no one to chase through the toy department or extract from underneath the clothing racks.  No one pestering about “are we done yet?” or nudging me for ice cream.  As much as I love them, sometimes I appreciate them even more after a little me time.

Today is about a little power shopping with a focus on finding a great statement accessory.  In this case, my impact item is a snazzy scarf from Shine, pulling together the wines, blacks, and purples in my outfit so harmoniously. March may bluster, but I’m cruising, feeling relaxed and unhurried.

Gizza Belted Coat


Coat: Belted Coat Fur – Gizza

Scarf: Pashmina – Shine

Hat: Nikola – Lode

Hair: Gesella Soil – frou-frou

Earrings: Spots and wire earrings strada purple – LaGyo

Gloves: Marlene Gloves – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Grace Pink – Face Paint

Boots: Equestrian Boots Autumn Collection – Gos

Pose: Model 111 – Focus Poses

Playing Hookie

Sometimes you have one of those “manic Mondays” and you are all dressed up for the day, and at the last minute you think to yourself; “I really don’t feel like working today.  I think I’ll play hookie.”  Every now and again, I think it is fine to take an unplanned day for yourself, to indulge a little and grab some “me time.”  So me and the beagle went out for a mint hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  I’m looking like a schoolgirl out playing hookie in my layered knit top from ColdLogic and a tweedy Taffy skirt from Molichino.

I did bring my Ipad case along, however, so maybe I will still get some work done afterall.


Hair: Wish – elikatira

Top: Flockhart marine – ColdLogic

Skirt: Taffy Skirt black – Molichino

Eye Makeup: Ensemble Eyes silver – Madrid Solo

Lips: L’eau Castro Lip Gloss 2 – [mock]

Earrings: Plume earrings color-change – LaGyo at Collabor88

IPad Case: My Ipad case orange – BSD Design Studio

Belt: Double Coin Belt – BoHo HoBo

Socks: Over-knee Socks Aqua – Izzie’s

Shoes: Spectator Slipper black – Volstead at Cinema 2012

Poses:  Falbala Set – WetCat

These are a few of my favorite things

This is my 100th post…a milestone for me, I feel.  And to commemorate it, I’ve chosen to highlight a few of my favorite fall things.  Fall amps up the traditional side of me, and I am reminded of old traditions no longer available to me, and new ones that I am coming to look forward to.

About a year and a half ago, I made a major move from my home state of Michigan to Mississippi.  I did it for love, and I don’t regret it, but Michigan had been home for the majority of my life, and I’m not sure at what point that will change.  The leaves don’t turn the same bright hues in Mississippi that they did in Michigan.  I miss the color tours I always took, just driving around the upper peninsula in mid October, grabbing a couple bottles of late harvest riesling from the local wineries.  Then…there were the cider mills.  We don’t have those in Mississippi, but Michigan is the apple state.  My favorite cider mill visits include tramping through the nature trails with the leaves crunching underfoot, munching on a caramel apple, and waiting in line for an hour just to get sugared covered cider donuts and a gallon of cider, both of which would be breakfast and snacks in the coming days.  Then, it was on to the pumpkin patch to pick the biggest pumpkin I could carry.

Now, in my new home, fall is a little different, particularly since it has only just cooled enough to open the windows instead of  air conditioning, and the leaves have yet to change.  The new traditions are still developing, but pumpkins are very much a part.  Weeks in advance we begin looking for designs to carve, and we are particularly fond of dragons and cats.  We will transfer our chosen design onto the pumpkins, and spend several hours carving our intricate patterns.  Once finished, the lighting and picture-taking will commence.  We will boil, salt, and roast the pumpkin seeds for snacking, and whip up a pumpkin pie.  Then, the first week of November we will head down to First Mondays, which oddly…falls on a weekend, to get the dark royal honey that is only available on that one special weekend, and with luck, a few jars of homemade sweet and spicy pickles.

One tradition that hasn’t changed though, is the unpacking of the favorite sweaters.  I may have traded in my heavy-weight fishermen wool for a light-weight angora, but bringing out the sweaters, scarves, boots…they all say fall, cozy comfort to me, and they are perfect to run around in on crisp autumn days.  It is something I look forward to.  So for my 100th post, here is my current SL favorite fall outfit.


Sweater Dress: Loose Knit Dress – Chantkare at the Couturier’s Docks

Scarf: Pashmina Scarf – Shine

Hat: Bizarre Flower Headpiece Autumn Brown – LaGyo

Hair: Tempest Drift – Exile

Makeup: Eartha 2 – Face Paint

Boots: Equestrian Boots Autumn Collection (color-change) – [Gos]

Pose: AntiVIP – Morphine Poses

Of Myth and Legend

Terelyn is mostly retired from modeling these days, with one exception, I am proud to be a White Armory model, and that is a commitment I thoroughly enjoy and continue to honor.  So when Bee Dumpling, comes out with something outstanding, which is all too often, my active model, Nyree,  just has to step down for a piece so that Terelyn can showcase some White Armory magic.

Bee’s newest series is Of Myth and Legend, and the opulence of the fabrics and the detail are certainly worthy of legend.  I am just enamored with the many patterns and fabrics in a color combination she simply calls Seafoam.  This is a gown of many layers, starting with a silvery underskirt, topped by a polka-dot satin overskirt in pale seafoam and tan.  On top of that is a tiered half skirt in taupe and dutch blue draped into a waterfall bustle.  The bodice neatly mixes the two primary skirt patterns, and the whole ensemble is trimmed in soft creams and golds.  This is a princess-worthy gown, so elegant and lovely.  You can see all the color variations of this gown at The White Armory and take yourself back to a time Of Myth and Legend.

Playing with the golds and creams of the gown, I had to add some flowers to my hair.  I’ve also chosen accessories as a modern take on “the lady of the manor,” who was entrusted with a ring of keys to the castle.  My version is LaGyo’s Padlock necklace of pearls, with a gold medallion and set of keys.


Gown:  Of Myth and Legend Gown in Seafoam – The White Armory

Hair: Diva2 in Black Amber – D!va Hair

Necklace: Padlock Necklace – LaGyo

Makeup: Eye Makeup Light Blue & Lip Gloss Natural 1 – Izzie’s

A Feel-Good Dress – Hope For Emilia

Molichino’s Pixie dress is such a “feel-good” dress for several reasons.  First, since Pixie is a Hope for Emilia offering,  your shopping dollars are raising funds to help Italy’s earthquake victims.  Second, I have found you simply can’t go anywhere with this dress on and not get attention and compliments.  Pixie is so well made, with quality linen, stitched seam details, and a girlish shape.  It is casual, chic and classy.

I have found the Hope for Emilia posts for Molichino’s offering wonderfully varied, as well.  It is a real testament to the versatility of this dress, as you can dress it up or down and play with many accessory accent colors.  I love clothes that let me be creative, and become new all over again, depending on the accessories I add.  Molichino’s Pixie is that kind of dress.

I chose to add some color pops to the luscious gold version I’m wearing with a LaGyo hat, Finesmith necklace, and Molichino clutch in aqua hues.  Pixie is a dress you will find yourself reaching for again and again, so pop on over to Hope for Emilia to take home your favorite colors while helping a great cause.


Dress: Mesh Pixie Gold – Molichino at Hope for Emilia

Clutch:  Delirium Clutch Aqua – Molichino

Eye Makeup: Appeal Lash Liner – Eyelure

Lips: Lucir Lipcolor Midas’s Kiss – [mock]

Hat: Anemone Headpiece Maui – LaGyo

Hair: Romance – Vanity Hair

Ring: Honeycomb Ring – Chloe

Necklace: Thal Necklace Turquoise – Finesmith Hunt Item

Bracelet: Naila Bracelet – Donna Flora

Shoes: Sami Pumps Sky – CensoReD

Poses:  Daisey Set – Diesel Works &  Full Gown Series – Corpus