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Cocktail of Color

Have you ever gotten on a color kick, where you find yourself gravitating over and over to a particular color?  It can tell you something about where you are in life.  I have been on an orange tangent, as some of you may have noted in my posts.  So I thought I’d do a little color psychology, to see what my subconscious may be trying to communicate to me. You see, in real life, orange is a color that looks abysmally awful on me.   I never wear it and don’t decorate with it, as it turns me a lovely jaundiced yellow.  In SL, however…I love, love, love it, and it has been a dominant theme in my clothing, decorating, and posts as of late.

I learned in my Google research that orange is the color of creativity, which has always been what SL has been about for me.  Orange is also indicative of a need or desire for change, and can supposedly help one adjust to changes. Curiosity is a characteristic of this color, when it comes to exploring new things.  This makes sense when I consider at my current stage of life, I am seeking a job change that will move me out-of-state, and also bring closure to a 3 and a half-year relationship I’ve been in.

Coctail of Color

Orange also is a powerful healing color, excellent for those who need a boost of self-esteem; and wearing orange during times of stress is said to balance the emotions.  I can certainly use some of that with all the changes I’m embarking on.  So if you find yourself trending towards a particular color in your SL or RL, it can be interesting to do a little color analysis to see if there is a special message there for you.

Coctail of Color Close


Dress: Cocktail Koi – Lush by CoCo

Necklace/Earrings: Zelda Necklace and Earrings – HANDverk at Collabor88

Bracelet: Winter Berries Bangle – Chop Zuey

Eye Makeup: Nyree Storm, no lip – Face Paint

Lips: Dailyn LIpgloss Rasberry – Izzie’s

Hair: Dolce Bournville – Lelutka

Poses: Mesh Dress and Slim Dress poses – Poet’s Heart

Location: Alirium


Masai Mara Molichino

There are some outfits I seem to reach for again and again, and nothing is quite as easy and stylish to toss on than a casual chic jumpsuit for a little bit of glam spur of the moment.  The Masai Suit by Molichino is just such a piece.  It is one of the four great new offerings in tribal inspired colors and prints from Molichino exclusively for Masai Mara.  I’m wearing the brown print , though in truth, the term brown is an understatement.  It is a lovely blend of gold, maize, black and brown, all with a luscious silken sheen.

The Masai Mara event is also enabling me to indulge in my love of ethnic hairs, including this beauty, Oscar, from Lelutka, which can be worn with or without the braid.  Finally, for a little bit of juice, I blended the golds and browns of my jumpsuit with some berry accents for a bit of color pop.


Jumpsuit: Masai Suit Brown Print – Molichiono at Masai Mara

Hair: Oscar Hair Bournville – Lelutka

Jewelry: Safari – Finesmith

Purse: Resort Satchel Burgandy – Leverocci

Lips:  Black Current Lip Jelle – [mock]

Eyes: Eartha no Lip – Face Paint

Shoes: Baby T’s Plain Berry – Pixel Mode

Poses: Agapee

What I Know Now – Part 1

This is the first post of my “What I Know Now” series to share a bit of what I learned about getting up and running in the SL fashion industry, in hopes of sparing new models some of my personal trials and tribulations.  This idea began one day while looking over my inventory in utter horror, because yes…models need a lot of stuff, and I had a LOT of stuff.  I was so appalled at the state of my inventory that day that I began pondering what I’d do different if I had a “do over” and was starting my modeling career and inventory from scratch.   So…if I was entering the modeling world today, knowing what I know now…here is tip number 1 that I wish I’d known to save me time and linden.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DISCOUNT DESIGNER STORES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Styling becomes more economical, faster, and more effective when you know where to shop.  This was one of the most challenging things for me to learn…where do I go to find what I need?  Short of having a good friend who has been in the industry awhile to direct you (which is NOT a bad thing, by the way, but something I did not have when I started) my number 1 favorite way to find new designers and add things to my inventory that are top quality and affordable is to frequent the discount designer stores.

Visiting the many designer discount locations gives you a taste of different styles on the grid, and also allows you to grab a landmark to visit the designer’s main location.  And since they often have exclusive or limited quantity items at these shops, not everyone will have those pieces.  That said, a word of caution…. even if it is free…only bring it home if  a) you love it, b) you will use it.  This was a lesson I learned too late, which added to unnecessary inventory chaos.  Now an item must ideally meet both criteria to find its way into my inventory.

On my visits to designers’ main locations, if I find I LOVE their work, I will look up their group.  Even if the group is one I must pay for, if they give high quality gifts regularly, it is well worth it and a money-saver in the long run.   I have also found that in many cases the main location may have an outlet section, another added benefit to visiting the main shop.  I’ll share my tips for selecting items in a future “What I Know Now” post, but for now, here is a sampling of my recent travel bargains.

Dress: Audrey Dress Disco style – PurpleMoon exclusive at Gypset Market

Necklace: Folieole Necklace Sunflower – Finesmith exclusive at Tropicalia BIG Bazaar

Ring: Here Comes The Sun – Turquoise – Finesmith (group members receive monthly gifts and 20% off on the day new designs are introduced)

Face Tattoo: Henna Red – cheLLe exclusive at the Summer Beauty Festival

Bag: Cowhide Tote Leather Bag – R.icielli exclusive at The Dressing Room

Shoes: Audrey color-change sandals – Redgrave on sale now 50% off

Hair: 2358 Hair – Lelutka, not on sale but it met the criteria a) I love it, b) I will use it

In my pic-within-a-pic in the lower corner, I am making a list of all my favorite discount designer locations for you.  My current list is below.  Please feel free to share others you are aware of in the comments section of this blog for all readers to enjoy.

Gypset Market

Tropicalia Bazaar

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Blue

My Attic at the Deck

Fashion Limited


The Designer Showcase

Perfect Wardrobe

Unique Mesh Shapes in Summer Fun Apparel

With a sweep and a swish, you can sashay into summer in this striped mesh dress from AngelRed Couture.  This was my first visit to the store, and I was particularly impressed with some of  Lexi Zelin’s new mesh apparel.  I found the textures to be fun and casual, but with interesting mesh shapes, such as the handkerchief hem on this dress, that all but begged to come home with me.

Also new on my must-have-mesh list are these over-the-knee boots by Kisu Ronas of Ten”10.  They are darling with short skirts and dresses with their built-in leg-warmer look and a shapely fit.  Maybe it’s just me, but they remind me a little of faun hooves, and being a fantasy lover, well….they add the perfect touch of style and whimsy I couldn’t resist. A big thanks to Falbala Fairey for my first introduction to this designer.

Now for some equally fun makeup from the Summer Beauty Festival to give a little shape to your eyes and lips. MONS eyeshadow spray in green with silver liner along the inner bottom eye rim to give your eyes an extra pop, and Lace Masquerade Lipstick in green by Izzie’s.


Dress: Summer Mesh Dress in Orange – AngelRed Couture

Boots: Megas Boots in Brown – Ten10″

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Spray in Green – MONS at the Summer Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Lace Masquerade Makeup in Green (from the Lace Masquerade collection) – Izzie’s at the Summer Beauty Festival

Hair: Addison – Lelutka

Necklace: The Last Tear in Frosted Jade – Finesmith

Nails: Mandala

Poses: R.icielli

Back to my roots – RP, Fantasy, and The White Armory

It was MY first runway show.  It was HER first runway show.  I remember it so well still, casting to walk in Bee Dumpling’s very first show for The White Armory back in 2010.  She was one of the main reasons I had wanted to model, aspiring to work with the designer I loved so much, having been a medieval roleplayer for over 2 years before entering the fashion scene in SL.  I was then, and still am, a diehard connossier of White Armory fashion.

With her hand painted textures that resemble real life luxury fabrics, and her eye for detail, this award-winning designer’s work is heralded for its beauty both in the rp arena as well as high fashion formal, fantasy, and themed wear.  A perfect example of this is Bee’s newest Juliet gown in French Pink.  Glowing pink/purple satin with silver embroidery, medallion and detailing.  Such beauty is sure to bring your Romeo running.

This is Bee’s Relay For Life offering available through mid-June, so you can enjoy a stunning gown and also know that you are contributing to the fight against cancer.  Also featured, some of the lovely new offerings at The Beauty Festival going on now through May 25, including; Sasha Blossom Lipstick from MONS and nails by PIDIDDLE.


Gown: Juliet in French Pink – Relay For Life – The White Armory

Lipstick: Sasha in Blossom – Beauty Festival exclusive – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Nails: Manicure 1 – Beauty Festival exclusive – PIDIDDLE at the Beauty Festival

Eye Makeup: Spring Fever – Madrid Solo

Hair: Watson – LeLutka

Necklace: Aludra – Rozoregalia

Pose: Avante Poses