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Boho Styling 3 – Harvest

I’m not much of a rl gardener.  Truth is, I don’t like worms, and larger slithery things…forget it.  However, I still know that each and every day I am sowing seeds, and what I sow will bring a harvest.  I’ve seen people act intentionally malicious, without any obvious provocation.  I’ve also seen others give and give, loving, helping, understanding, being a friend.  Both will reap a harvest of what they sow, and it will be multiplied when it is returned to them.  What you put out comes back to you…magnified.  Feelings, whether in RL or SL…they are all real.  This is not a game.  For thought, coupled with emotion, is the strongest catalyst for creation.  Your harvest is coming.  What are you sowing today?


Hair: Cher – Tameless at The Boho Culture Fair

Headband: Hairband Aztec – I <3FashiOn at The Boho Culture Fair

Poncho: AutumnFire Poncho – artMEFashion at The Boho Culture Fair

Dress: Strapless Sash Dress – FLRN Style at The Boho Culture Fair

Jewelry: Boho’N Chic – {me.} at The Boho Culture Fair

Boots: Louisiana Western Boots black – PiCHi at The Boho Culture Fair

Tights: Ombre Tights – Milk Motion

Purse: Betty Handbag – CHG Fashion

Pose: Boho Set – Focus Poses at The Boho Culture Fair


Vintage Harvest Banquet Table – Circa Living

Haybale Background Wall – Circa Living


Do you believe in coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidence?  I for one tend to believe that things happen for a reason, and that if you follow your gut, listen to that inner wisdom that advises you, it is often the best course of action you can take.  For instance, sometimes when I am out and about, I spy an item that inspires me, speaks to me even, and says “you must be mine.”  It gets the wheels of creativity turning.  I dont’ know if it is beckoning to me or I to it, but I find I must heed the call.  When I stumbled across the Geisha Girl dress by Zanze House of Couture, in rich oranges and tans, it reminded me of autumn leaves, but with an unexpected Asian twist.  I had to take it home.  But that is not the end of this story.

It is funny how life works sometimes.  Shortly after purchasing the dress, the designer Zzoiezee sent me an IM to ask me about my shopping experience.  We got to chatting, I shared a bit of my work with her, and shortly thereafter I was surprised and delighted to be invited to blog for Zanze.  So you will be seeing her fresh perspective and unique designs in my posts on a more frequent basis going forward.  It all started with a dress that insisted it must come home with me, and I followed my gut.  Who beckoned whom, I must wonder…and again I will ponder; is there really such thing as a coincidence?


Dress: Geisha Girl Blood – Zanze House of Couture

Hair: Kay with Curls Hairbase (comes with shaved tattoo hairbase) – EMO-tions

Makeup: Show Designs Dovely – Madrid Solo

Earrings: Lillium Color Version – {me.}

Shoulder Accessory: Imperium Shoulder Ornament – Shi.

Leggings: Nylon Tights Wine – House of Fox

Shoes: Krikey Pumps Print 5 – LD Major

Pose: Feminine Line – Di’s Opera

Morning’s Kiss

Sunlight filters through the trees, tracing a soft caress across bare shoulders, its warmth wrapping around the shape of a woman suddenly aware of morning’s soft kiss.

I’m feeling like a woodland nymph enjoying a morning wander in my Fantasy Branches dress from ArisAris.  The clean silhouette of this dress draws the eye to the wonderful detail of the dark purple and lavender twisting branches on the hazy white background.  It is like sunshine filtering through the mists of the forest, a little bit mysterious, and naturally lovely.


Hair: Felice Dark Brown (2 styles in 1, can also be braided) – EMO-tions exclusive at Hair Fair 2012

Makeup: Frost Cateyes Purple – Face Paint

Dress: Rig57 Fantasy Branches dress – ArisAris exclusive at Summer Parade 2012

Jewelry: Aster Set Metal Stones (color-change) – [mE.] exclusive at One Voice

Nails: Mandala


Ever since my SL love became my RL love, I don’t wear near as much lingerie out here anymore.  However, when I saw Voluptia’s new Revival lingerie, I knew I just had to have it, because it is absolutely smexy, as my SL brother would say.

It’s all the little peekaboo details that make this set so smexy, like the purple eyelet trim, the patch of skin peeping out below the waist of the garter belt, and the booty-shorts panty.  Then, the fabric itself is just lovely.  I am wearing the Regal print, in a mix of purple, blue and aqua jewel tones, the colors of royalty.  I think the bra top on its own could be beautiful under a tailored jacket with the bow peeking out to add a touch of sex appeal and femininity.  The set also comes with a pair of stockings to go with the garters.

Also smexy are my pouty lips, compliments of Eyelure‘s new Petal Soft Lips.  This particular color gives the illusion of nude lips, but the subtle shading gives your mouth a pouty fullness that can’t be resisted, or so I hope.  Because maybe, just maybe, if I show my RL guy some lovely boudoir pics of me waiting for him, he will come back out to SL again to play, instead of just glancing over my shoulder periodically to see what I’m up to out here on the computer.  I’ve got my bedroom eyes on and my fingers crossed.


Lingerie: Revival lingerie in Regal – Voluptia

Hair: Tempest in Drift – Exile, Hairbase: Hairbase Curls – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Pink Union Eyeshadow Blue – [mock]

Lips: Petal Soft Lips 4 – Eyelure

Bracelet: Aster Bracelet Blue Sea – mE.

Ring: Pansy Tropical Ring – mE.

Shoes: Alluring Stiletto Pink – Mary Jane Shoes

Poses: Pic 1 – Chuan Pack – PNP, Pic 2 – LA Vintage Lounger – LostAngel Industries

Denim and Dots

When we think of play clothes, even as adults, our thoughts naturally turn to denim.  AbbyRose Abbot of Belladonna Couture has made a shortset perfect for summertime fun called Pewter Dots, in two-toned poka dot denim and sweet look-at-me accents, like the open belt and triangle top teasing underneathe this mid-drift-baring jacket.

Quickly becoming a trademark is Belladonna Couture’s trend towards multiple outfits in one box, really amping up the value.  The shortset hints at a bikini peeking out from beneathe, and sure enough…Abby didn’t disappoint, making Pewter Dots an all around fun-in-the-sun ensemble.  This outfit is also available in Royal Blue, for those who would like a brighter alternative.

Finishing off this look, what could be more playful to accent this cute outfit than leather laces with multi-colored beads from mE., along with two-toned eye makeup, with different hues on each eye from MONS and a kiss of blue lipstick from Izzie’s, makeup finds exclusive to the Summer Beauty Festival running now through May 25th.


Outfit:  Pewter Dots – Belladonna Couture

Hair: Shena – Vanity Hair

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Festival in purple & blue – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Lipstick Blue, part of the Lace Masquerade collection – Izzie’s at the Beauty Festival

Necklace/Ring: Pansy Tropical – mE.

Bracelets: Mess of Bangles Silver & Stripe – Ear Candy

Nails: Mandala

Sandals: Audrey – Redgrave

Poses: R.icielli

Jewel Box Mesh Jumpsuit

Better than a coat of many colors is my jewel box mesh jumpsuit, Anais in Maui by Baiastice. This outfit simply makes me happy!  It is like all my favorite sparklies from the jewelry box mixed together into one silky, fun outfit.  And since the jumpsuit is mesh, it moves and shapes to the body beautifully.

For good measure, I raided the real jewelry box to add a few more sparklies from Finesmith and mE, because we girls just love our sparklies.

Style Card:

Outfit: Anais Mesh Jumpsuit – Maui – Baiastice

Necklace: Folieole – Earth – OGlam Mall exclusive – Finesmith at OGlam Mall

Earrings: Pansy Earrings – Gold-Orange – mE.

Clutch: – Studs Purse – Color Change (Browns) – Old&New

Shoes: Python 130 Pumps Chic Patent – Gold – Leverocci

Hair: Anna – EMO-tions

Nails: Mandala

Makeup: Madrid Solo & ABS

Organic Silk – In a League of its own

League‘s new Organic Silk dress is a wonderful date-night dress that shows the curves and makes you look so touchable.  Clean with modern lines, it has such a visibly soft texture, there is no denying it is silk.  Available in 8 luxurious muted colors, I chose Goldleaf, then time-warped to the future, with Antiope hair by Wasabi Pills and bold Catwalk makeup from Tattanooga.  An added bonus..it is on special right now at COLLABOR88 for an introductory $88L until April when it will move to the League mainstore.

Style Card


Dress: Organic Silk Dress – Goldleaf – League

Shoes: Julia – Champagne – B&G Shoes


Hair: Antiope – Wasabi Pills

Nails: Metallic Bark Brown – PurpleMoon

Rings: ATMA – Donna Flora

Bracelets: Lilium – mE.

Earrings: Pansy Earrings Gold-Orange – mE.

Eye Makeup: Catwalk 007 – Tattanooga

Lips: Natural 01 – Izzie

Blush: Contour Blush Mid Peach – Dead Apples