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Winter Sophisticate

Twilight.  A little moody.  A little sultry.  With a hint of chill.  Grab your coat and head outside for a winter stroll. This gorgeous plaid coat in warm colors with fur trim is a group gift from ShuShu.

ShuShu Kiss Coat

Adding to the sultry, shadowy feel of the evening is Face Paint’s Sophisticate makeup with dramatic smokey eyes. Each set also comes with a lash liner option for red carpet glam.

ShuShu Face Paint Sophisticate


Coat: Evening Kiss Coat (Group Gift) – ShuShu

Collar: Chic Collar Cranberry – Drift

Makeup: Sophisticate – Face Paint

Hair: Sira Jet Black – Amacci

Leggings: Wool Pants Red – Milk Motion

Purse: Azealia Mini Bag Black – Fleshtone

Boots: Warm Boot Black – Piccara

Poses: Model 115 and Model 117 – Focus Poses


Boho Styling 3 – Harvest

I’m not much of a rl gardener.  Truth is, I don’t like worms, and larger slithery things…forget it.  However, I still know that each and every day I am sowing seeds, and what I sow will bring a harvest.  I’ve seen people act intentionally malicious, without any obvious provocation.  I’ve also seen others give and give, loving, helping, understanding, being a friend.  Both will reap a harvest of what they sow, and it will be multiplied when it is returned to them.  What you put out comes back to you…magnified.  Feelings, whether in RL or SL…they are all real.  This is not a game.  For thought, coupled with emotion, is the strongest catalyst for creation.  Your harvest is coming.  What are you sowing today?


Hair: Cher – Tameless at The Boho Culture Fair

Headband: Hairband Aztec – I <3FashiOn at The Boho Culture Fair

Poncho: AutumnFire Poncho – artMEFashion at The Boho Culture Fair

Dress: Strapless Sash Dress – FLRN Style at The Boho Culture Fair

Jewelry: Boho’N Chic – {me.} at The Boho Culture Fair

Boots: Louisiana Western Boots black – PiCHi at The Boho Culture Fair

Tights: Ombre Tights – Milk Motion

Purse: Betty Handbag – CHG Fashion

Pose: Boho Set – Focus Poses at The Boho Culture Fair


Vintage Harvest Banquet Table – Circa Living

Haybale Background Wall – Circa Living

Picasso Perception

Art blurs the lines between the real and the unreal.  Picasso for example, had a unique perspective that stretched the imagination to understand the muse behind his creations, and to see the world with new eyes.  His art, abstract and unconventional, also evokes emotion.  Most either love it or hate it.

The art of fashion also can evoke emotion, and I immediately thought of artwork whenever I saw Evolve’s new mesh So Emotional dress.  With its painterly splashes of color in rich jeweled hues on a golden backdrop, it made me want to pose.  It also opened up some dizzying color accent options, which I absolutely love.

I pulled the blues and teals out of the dress with my PurpleMoon Cora Hat, added some funky blue lipstick from Izzie’s, and a Milk Motion clutch.  PurpleMoon’s Selva feathered necklace really pulled this look  together for me though, with its graduated colors moving from teal, to grey, to white, to blue.  The freedom to play and combine creatively in SL let’s us all dabble at being artists.


Dress: So Emotional Mesh Dress #1 – Evolve

Jewelry: Selva in the Blues set – PurpleMoon

Hat: Cora Hat in Dark Blue – PurpleMoon

Clutch: My Clutch Bag – Milk Motion

Lipstick: Masquerade Makeup Lips in Blue – Izzie’s

Eyeshadow: Love Cycle Eyeshadow One – [mock]

Liner:  Natural liner and lash – Face Paint

Hair: BAD980 in Chocolate – booN

Shoes: Tresor X-tremeHeel in Gold – N-Core

Poses: Falbala and Runway Set 5 – WetCat exclusives for One Voice

Delectable New Zaaralicious Skin

I was recently introduced to Zaaralicious Skins as a participant in the Model’s Workshop Spring Break, Spring Forward Fashion Show.  Being a bonafide skin addict, I was delighted at the quality of Zaaraliscious skins and wondered how I had missed them in my travels.  I have some beauties to share with you today, including a brand new skin introduced at the show for women of color.  I am modeling them for you in their unaltered state in some of the available skin/makeup options so you can see their beauty right out of the box.

I typically favor pale skins, so first on my list to share is the Zaara Pale Natural skin.  What I love about this skin is the fresh doe-eyed innocence it gives me.

I had the pleasure of wearing the Zaara Tan Smoke skin in the Model’s Workshop show, which comes complete with the smokey eyeliner for a sultry look.  Here is a picture of me in my MiDiS Patina Tonga swimsuit I wore for the show, which beautifully accentuates my Zaara Tan Smoke skin.

Finally, brand new to the Zaaralicious line, Oluchi Caramel Rio.  I will admit, this is the first time I have worn an ebony skin tone, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with my shape.  It was like being introduced to a brand new me, leaving me to ask; “Who is that lovely girl in the mirror?”

Visit Zaaralicious Skins to see their full range of skin and makeup options and try the demos to find the one that’s right for you.

Style Card:

Outfit 1:

Skin: Zaara Pale Natural – Zaaraliscious Skin

Swimsuit: Infinity Bikini – Floral Orange – BOOM Clothing

Hair: Venus – Exile

Nails: Balut Tintable Fingernails – Model’s Workshop Boutique

Tote Bag: My Tote Bag *Flowers* – Milk Motion

Jewelry: Diconay Inspiration Bracelet – Finesmith

Shoes: Vintage Wedge – Tangerine – Hucci at COLLABOR88


Outfit 2:

Skin: Zaara Tan Smoke – Zaaraliscious Skin

Swimsuit: Patina Tonga – MiDiS

Hair: Pun448 – booN Hair

Nails: Metallic White Chalk – PurpleMoon

Jewelry: Concentric Blue – PurpleMoon

Shoes: Knot Wedge Sandals (custom modded color) – G Field


Outfit 3:

Skin: Oluchi Caramel Rio – Zaaraliscious Skin

Swimsuit: Green Arabesc Bikini – *Reale*

Hair: Hair New 09 – W&Y

Nails: Balut Tintable Fingernails – Model’s Workshop Boutique

Jewelry: Ethnica – June 2011 Gift – Finesmith

Shoes: Sandal Trio – Wilay Stylez

Get Going Now for Bargain Retro Chic

I had such fun putting together my Bargain Retro Chic look for you all today, but you must make haste, because bargains come and bargains go, and some of these wonderful deals will be gone before you know it.

From Lush Limited Apparel and Makeup, is the Just a Girl mesh striped corset.  I’ll admit, I purchased it the moment I saw it at the regular price because the bright blue and white stripes with the ruffled hem just made me smile.  Lucky you, though, if you hurry over to Lush on Thursday, March 22 you can bring it home as part of Fifty-five Linden Thursdays.

My hair and sunglasses are part of the March/Summer Abroad 1955-1960 theme going on at The Attic @ The Deck, where everything is just $95L.  To give me that retro look I was searching for, I’m wearing Exile‘s unrigged mesh hair with color-change ribbon called She Loves You and Miel Meow Peepers sunglasses from the Candy Floss pack.

Finally, by adding The Square bag in blue from Fleshtone, not on sale, but a bargain nonetheless at only $99L, and summery white harem pants with side-tie sash from the outlet at Milk Motion, I’m ready for sun-shiny days with a little pocket change still left over.

Style Card:


Blouse: Just a Girl mesh corset – Striped – Lush Limited Apparel & Makeup

Pants: My Harem Pants – White – Milk Motion


Hair: She Loves You – Exile at The Attic @ The Deck

Sunglasses: Meow Peepers – Candy Floss – Miel at The Attic @ The Deck

Jewelry: Milky Way – White Necklace/Bangles – Mandala

Handbag: The Square – Blue – Fleshtone

Shoes: Ribbon Slingback Shoes – Orange – G Field


Lips: Glitz Couture Turquoise Lips – Changing Faces

Nails: Metallic White Chalk Nails – PurpleMoon