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Tea Party

I think the Brits have the right idea.  American girls dispense with their tea parties as a rule some time around when we outgrow our dolls and teddy bears.  It is a shame really, because we all get hungry and need a snack at about that time of the afternoon, anyway.  Secondly, the only place in the U.S. we get to wear awesome hats is to the Kentucky Derby, and if you aren’t into horse racing, or old enough to pull off wearing one to church, there just isn’t much opportunity to doll-up with girly hat included.  I’m for bringing back tea parties, with all the goodies.

Tea Time

And speaking of goodies, Circa Living’s newest delicacies simply make me hungry.  My chocolate cravings have been off the charts between the trays of chocolate drizzled croissants, muffins, and chocolate candy cups.  They were perfect for an SL garden tea party, and of course, I took the opportunity to wear a girly hat.

Tea Time Close


Epicure Assorted Croissants Tray – Circa Living

Epicure Assorted Muffins Tray – Circa Living

Epicure Chocolate Cups Platter – Circa Living

Ladie’s Tea Wall Plate Set in Pink (Group Gift)- Circa Living

Party Food Side Table French Floral Tan – Circa Living

Leonardo Chair – Leezu

Worn Out Rug – Boathouse

Watching the Sunset Tent – Kuro


Dress: Summer Breeze Dress Lilac – Le Petite Details (LpD)

Hat: Cristiana Headpiece –  Donna Flora

Jewelry: Mother’s Pearl Earrings and Necklace (color-change) – LaGyo

Shoes: Bisque Cygnette – Schandenfeaude

Gloves: Lace Short Gloves – LOW Industries

Hair: Adorable Dark Brown – TuTy’s

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Daily Pink – MONS

Lips: Crema Lipcolor Carnation – [mock]


Avenue Spring/Summer Fashion Week – Molichino

I’m blending 2 outfits from Molichino Avenue Spring/Summer Fashion Week collection, because I simply couldn’t resist.  The pieces are sold as full outfits, so you are guaranteed to be styling with some great mix and match pieces you can wear together or blend with other items in your inventory.  They coordinate so well, you’ll want to grab several of the outfits to break apart.  But hurry…Avenue’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week is only through end of day Saturday, April 6th.

Molichino in Munic1

I also hit The Event – Hollywood, where each store has a free SWAG bag from the designer.  Chop Zuey’s Paparazzi jewelry was perfect with this ensemble, and yes…the whole sparkly ruby, diamond and citrine set was FREE. You’ll also want to check out Chop Zuey’s stunning jewelry sets designed especially for this posh event.

Molichino in Munic


Outfit: Outfit 4 – Jourdan Bodysuit and Kadi Skirt – Molichino for Avenue Spring/Summer Fashion Week

Cape: Part of Outfit 9 – Shae Cape – Molichino for Avenue Spring/Summer Fashion Week

Hair: Aisha Coffee – Maitreya

Jewelry: Paparazzi III – Free Gift – Chop Zuey at The Event – Hollywood

Makeup: Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champagne – Mock, Lips: Dailyn Lip Gloss Dark Cherry – Izzie’s

Poses: Model Poses 120 and Model Poses 125 – Focus Poses

The White Armory – Arwen Evenstar Gown and upcoming show

I recently had a fun evening out with the family to see “The Hobbit.”  This Tolkien classic in book form was my first foray into the medieval/fantasy genre back when I had just turned 13, and I have been a diehard fan or all things fantasy and magical ever since.  Noting the many cameos from some of “The Lord of the Ring” cast, I had wondered if we would also see Liv Tyler, playing Arwen, who I think makes the perfect elf. I won’t tell you if I did or I didn’t, as you may wish to see the movie, but I was nonetheless inspired to style up Bee Dumplings Arwen Evenstar gown, from The White Armory in homage.

With arm drapes reminiscent of calla lilies, floaty lavender chiffon, waterfall sleeves, and a sparkle here and there that makes me think of fireflies at dusk, this is elven glamour at its best.

And for more fantasy and fashion, mark your calendars now for The White Armory’s Winter Wonderland show, scheduled for January 19th, at 2pm.  Tp to the store, then take a teleport up to the Ice Fantasy Platform.

TWA Arwen Eventide Close

Finishing this look is delicate diamond Delphine jewelry from Virtual Impressions, matching Bouquet eye makeup from White Widow and a fancy updo from Son!a.  Although, I think I still need to add elf ears to my shopping list for the next go around.

TWA Arwen Eventide Full


Gown: Arwen Elvenstar Gown – The White Armory

Jewelry: Delphine – Virtual Impressions

Hair: Mon Ange Soil – Son!a

Makeup: Bouquet Silver – White Widow, Pandora Mizu Thunderbird – [mock], Lipgloss 2 Rose – Izzie’s

POE Elegance until Sunday at 11:59

The clock is tick, tick, ticking.  The Peace on Earth Hunt wraps up for another year at 11:59pm Sunday Jan 6th. Here is a glimpse of some of the elegance you can find from our talented hunt designers. These beauties are certainly worth the hunt.


Styling 1

Gown: Mirelle Gown and Hair Accessory – Alb for POE

Jewelry: Passion – Fulo for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE

Hair: Starline Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Aphrodite Pink – Face Paint

POE Snowpaws

Styling 2:

Dress: Serenity Ballet – Snowpaws for POE

Jewelry: Harikoa Jewelry – Eclectica for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE

Hair: Winternight – EMO-tions

Makeup: Aphrodite Pink – Face Paint


Styling 3:

Gown: Sascha Designs for POE

Jewelry: Peace – Blood: Violator for POE

Pose: The Muse Poses for POE

Hair: Resolution Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Marooned Green Winterberry – [mock]

Here is your taxi to the first hunt location, Sequoia Style, and please click the hunt poster below to see all the goodies and hunt hints at the official POE5 hunt blog.

POE5 Official Poster jpg [NEW]

When it’s time to change…then it’s time to change

Look what I found shopping in my own inventory.  I think I like. Oh the surprises you find when you try to make sense of the chaos.  “When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange, from who you are into what you’re gonna be.” lyrics from When It’s Time to Change by: The Brady Bunch


Hair: Taylor Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Skin: Heidy – Essences at The Dressing Room

Makeup: Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover – [mock]

Earrings: Tabula Rasa earrings (group gift) – Chop Zuey

Necklace/Bracelet: Safari Set – Finesmith

Dress: Danger Zone – LD Major

Pose: BehaviorBody

Armani Inspiration – Mohna Lisa Couture

Some of the hardest style challenges I’ve received in SL have been to style based on inspiration from a particular designer.  It is often easy to find a picture of what you want to create, but locating the components of that look in SL and piecing it together is where the true challenge comes in.

Well this time around, Mohna Lisa Couture has made it easy, with an elegant rendition of an Armani gown, the Armani Wildflower.  I am a diehard Armani fan, so I had to have this dress, and while one would expect such luscious cream lace to be on a bridal gown, the shape of this gown is ultra sexy, yet ever feminine.  Mohna gave it some wonderful added character and originality with a teasing peak of lavender on the hem, and what truly blows me away, this was his first foray into jewelry making.

Yes…this mesh dress, comes complete with all the jewelry seen in the picture, a golden multi-jeweled collar, bracelets, ear jewels and jeweled monocle.  As one who likes to mix and match, I can well see myself re-wearing this jewelry with other outfits as well.   This stunning gown is stand-alone beautiful, and absolutely the easiest styling challenge to date.


Gown & Jewelry: Armani Wildflower – Mohna Lisa Couture

Hair:  Jean Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Couture Eyeliner – Glam Affair

Lips: Lucir Lip Color Grape Stomp – [mock]

Poses:  Falbala and Adle Set – WetCat

Autumn at the Louvre – Paris Metro Couture

I had the pleasure of walking in the Autumn at the Louvre show, wearing the artistic designs of Paris Metro Couture, with poses sponsored by Morgane Batista Poses.   Here is a recap for you of some of the featured designs.

Nara NightCoral

Artist Series M. Sharple

Universal Love

Styling Pic 1:

Gown: Nara NightCoral – Paris Metro Couture

Pose: NV Corsetry Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair & Hair Accessory: Coage Hair with Shiori Accessory – Tukinowaguma

Jewelry: Chiasa – Zibska

Gloves: Marlene Gown Gloves – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Eye Makeup: Anime 23 – Tattanooga, Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzies, Contour Blush – Dead Apples

Styling Pic 2:

Gown:  Artist Series M. Sharple – Paris Metro Couture

Pose: MVW Costume Rusalka Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair: Adorable – TuTy’s Creations

Hat: Cora Hat Dark Blue – PurpleMoon

Jewelry: Cycle dans la Chocolateri (Group Gift) – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Eye Makeup: Mix and Match Eyes Glamour Girl – Face Paint, Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Guardsman Red – [mock], Contour Blush – Dead Apples

Styling Pic 3:

Gown: Universal Love – Paris Metro Couture

Pose:  Pipins Pose Set & Serene Faith Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair & Hair Accessory: Never – Miamai

Jewelry: Zaza (necklace/earrings/bracelet) and Olivie (layered necklaces) – Zibska

Makeup: Obscura and Cold as Ice (layered) – Madrid Solo