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Tea Party

I think the Brits have the right idea.  American girls dispense with their tea parties as a rule some time around when we outgrow our dolls and teddy bears.  It is a shame really, because we all get hungry and need a snack at about that time of the afternoon, anyway.  Secondly, the only place in the U.S. we get to wear awesome hats is to the Kentucky Derby, and if you aren’t into horse racing, or old enough to pull off wearing one to church, there just isn’t much opportunity to doll-up with girly hat included.  I’m for bringing back tea parties, with all the goodies.

Tea Time

And speaking of goodies, Circa Living’s newest delicacies simply make me hungry.  My chocolate cravings have been off the charts between the trays of chocolate drizzled croissants, muffins, and chocolate candy cups.  They were perfect for an SL garden tea party, and of course, I took the opportunity to wear a girly hat.

Tea Time Close


Epicure Assorted Croissants Tray – Circa Living

Epicure Assorted Muffins Tray – Circa Living

Epicure Chocolate Cups Platter – Circa Living

Ladie’s Tea Wall Plate Set in Pink (Group Gift)- Circa Living

Party Food Side Table French Floral Tan – Circa Living

Leonardo Chair – Leezu

Worn Out Rug – Boathouse

Watching the Sunset Tent – Kuro


Dress: Summer Breeze Dress Lilac – Le Petite Details (LpD)

Hat: Cristiana Headpiece –  Donna Flora

Jewelry: Mother’s Pearl Earrings and Necklace (color-change) – LaGyo

Shoes: Bisque Cygnette – Schandenfeaude

Gloves: Lace Short Gloves – LOW Industries

Hair: Adorable Dark Brown – TuTy’s

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Daily Pink – MONS

Lips: Crema Lipcolor Carnation – [mock]


The Art of Virtual Living

I recall speaking to an extremely talented home designer inworld not so long ago, and while I was commending her on her artistry, she chuckled and stated she wished her parents understood her designs as art, but that they simply could not understand why someone would spend money or want to live in a virtual home.

As one who has lived in a waterfall cave, a hobbit hole, a treehouse, a beach house, and currently a modern two-story apartment, to name a few…I am a bit of a home whore. I have found my sl home to be a place of peace and creativity.  It is a get-away where I can express myself and surround myself with luxury, or flights of fancy, that I could never indulge myself in real life.  In my sl home, with the soft cascade of water fountains, the gentle tinkling of wind chimes, and my favorite colors surrounding me, I have created a place of comfort, a haven to experiment and unwind, without ever needing to worry about house-cleaning or child-proofing. The artistry of an SL home is that it enables self-expression and a place of respite, all at an affordable price.  It is art anyone can enjoy.

Shine Belted Mint Tunic


Sweater: Mesh Belted Sweater Mint – Shine

Leggings: Mesh Lace Leggings – Shine

Bra: Betty White Lace Bra – CHG

Necklace: One Day Necklace – Ben’s Beauty

Ring: Who’s Yo Daisy? – Chop Zuey

Shoes: Crysta Clogs Seafoam – Loordes of London

Hair: Kesha Dark Brown – DeLa

Makeup: Everyday Shadow Green – Mons, Dailyn Lipstick Light Rose – Izzie’s

Poses: Tominaga – The Muse Poses at Fashion Limited


Home: London Apartment (Modified) – Apple Fall

Sofa/Ottoman: Nelle – Bazar Quality Homes & Furniture

Table: Mellow Table – Leezu

Pictures: Memories Art – Apple Fall

Rug: Asian White Blossoms Rug – Lunaria

Books: Charlotte Books – What Next

Catch a sunbeam

I have noticed that no matter how small the sliver, a cat can always find a sunbeam to bask in.  And who can blame them really, because to catch a sunbeam, even if to just run your fingers through it, is to be pet by warmth.  One of my fondest memories, and one I still close my eyes to return to when I need a break from life, is a visit to Maui, lying on the beach, hearing the gulls and the waves.  But where the true contentment comes from in this memory, is remembering the warmth.  I can see the light, even from behind my closed eyelids, and the sun-warmed ocean breeze makes it feel as though I’m being caressed by sunshine.  It is a sensuous and languid experience, and profoundly relaxing.  My kitties are right, it really does feel good to be pet by a sunbeam.


Skin: Isabella mid tone 1 – WoW Skins at The Boho Culture Fair

Top: We Love Boho Bra (part of the We Love Boho outfit) – Fashion Fears at The Boho Culture Fair

Skirt: SS Sagre Vino Maxi Skirt – Saris Creations at The Boho Culture Fair

Shoes: Love is Free Sandals (part of the Love is Free Outfit) –  Nya’s Shop at The Boho Culture Fair

Earrings/Bracelet: Gipsy Set – Moonshadow at The Boho Culture Fair

Necklace: Boho Hippy Chic Necklace – NcParis at The Boho Culture Fair

Hair: Melody (front facing pics) and Yula (back pic) – EMO-tions

Tattoo: Love the Life You Live Tattoo – Tenjin

Headband: Hippie Chain Headband Stone – MONS

Poses: Model 103 and Boho Set (at The Boho Culture Fair) – Focus Poses

Denim and Dots

When we think of play clothes, even as adults, our thoughts naturally turn to denim.  AbbyRose Abbot of Belladonna Couture has made a shortset perfect for summertime fun called Pewter Dots, in two-toned poka dot denim and sweet look-at-me accents, like the open belt and triangle top teasing underneathe this mid-drift-baring jacket.

Quickly becoming a trademark is Belladonna Couture’s trend towards multiple outfits in one box, really amping up the value.  The shortset hints at a bikini peeking out from beneathe, and sure enough…Abby didn’t disappoint, making Pewter Dots an all around fun-in-the-sun ensemble.  This outfit is also available in Royal Blue, for those who would like a brighter alternative.

Finishing off this look, what could be more playful to accent this cute outfit than leather laces with multi-colored beads from mE., along with two-toned eye makeup, with different hues on each eye from MONS and a kiss of blue lipstick from Izzie’s, makeup finds exclusive to the Summer Beauty Festival running now through May 25th.


Outfit:  Pewter Dots – Belladonna Couture

Hair: Shena – Vanity Hair

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Festival in purple & blue – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Lipstick Blue, part of the Lace Masquerade collection – Izzie’s at the Beauty Festival

Necklace/Ring: Pansy Tropical – mE.

Bracelets: Mess of Bangles Silver & Stripe – Ear Candy

Nails: Mandala

Sandals: Audrey – Redgrave

Poses: R.icielli

Unique Mesh Shapes in Summer Fun Apparel

With a sweep and a swish, you can sashay into summer in this striped mesh dress from AngelRed Couture.  This was my first visit to the store, and I was particularly impressed with some of  Lexi Zelin’s new mesh apparel.  I found the textures to be fun and casual, but with interesting mesh shapes, such as the handkerchief hem on this dress, that all but begged to come home with me.

Also new on my must-have-mesh list are these over-the-knee boots by Kisu Ronas of Ten”10.  They are darling with short skirts and dresses with their built-in leg-warmer look and a shapely fit.  Maybe it’s just me, but they remind me a little of faun hooves, and being a fantasy lover, well….they add the perfect touch of style and whimsy I couldn’t resist. A big thanks to Falbala Fairey for my first introduction to this designer.

Now for some equally fun makeup from the Summer Beauty Festival to give a little shape to your eyes and lips. MONS eyeshadow spray in green with silver liner along the inner bottom eye rim to give your eyes an extra pop, and Lace Masquerade Lipstick in green by Izzie’s.


Dress: Summer Mesh Dress in Orange – AngelRed Couture

Boots: Megas Boots in Brown – Ten10″

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Spray in Green – MONS at the Summer Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Lace Masquerade Makeup in Green (from the Lace Masquerade collection) – Izzie’s at the Summer Beauty Festival

Hair: Addison – Lelutka

Necklace: The Last Tear in Frosted Jade – Finesmith

Nails: Mandala

Poses: R.icielli

Back to my roots – RP, Fantasy, and The White Armory

It was MY first runway show.  It was HER first runway show.  I remember it so well still, casting to walk in Bee Dumpling’s very first show for The White Armory back in 2010.  She was one of the main reasons I had wanted to model, aspiring to work with the designer I loved so much, having been a medieval roleplayer for over 2 years before entering the fashion scene in SL.  I was then, and still am, a diehard connossier of White Armory fashion.

With her hand painted textures that resemble real life luxury fabrics, and her eye for detail, this award-winning designer’s work is heralded for its beauty both in the rp arena as well as high fashion formal, fantasy, and themed wear.  A perfect example of this is Bee’s newest Juliet gown in French Pink.  Glowing pink/purple satin with silver embroidery, medallion and detailing.  Such beauty is sure to bring your Romeo running.

This is Bee’s Relay For Life offering available through mid-June, so you can enjoy a stunning gown and also know that you are contributing to the fight against cancer.  Also featured, some of the lovely new offerings at The Beauty Festival going on now through May 25, including; Sasha Blossom Lipstick from MONS and nails by PIDIDDLE.


Gown: Juliet in French Pink – Relay For Life – The White Armory

Lipstick: Sasha in Blossom – Beauty Festival exclusive – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Nails: Manicure 1 – Beauty Festival exclusive – PIDIDDLE at the Beauty Festival

Eye Makeup: Spring Fever – Madrid Solo

Hair: Watson – LeLutka

Necklace: Aludra – Rozoregalia

Pose: Avante Poses