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The Runway Perfect Hunt – Styling 3 – City Girl

It’s a jungle out there, but you can look chic and ready to take on the city in some wonderful finds from of The Runway Perfect Hunt, including a safari-inspired tank dress from Prism, and sueded boots from Loordes of London, all complimented by Chop Zuey’s Harvest collection of jewelry, given as gifts as part of Chop Zuey’s birthday celebration, and just perfect for the season.  Psst:  Chop Zuey also has a fab hunt find that is part of The Runway Perfect Hunt, a sparkling black jewel and diamond Miracle ring (not shown) that you definitely will want, as it is a stunner (and if you know Chop Zuey quality…you know it is worth the effort to go look for it).  Even the Morphine pose used here is yours for the finding.  The Runway Perfect Hunt is still going on through the 31st.


Hair: Tracey Mesh Hair Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Dress: Sheena in Yellow Zebra (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Prism

Boots: Janis Boots (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Loordes of London

Pose: PRH Female 2 (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Morphine Poses

Jewelry: Harvest Earrings and Bangles (Chop Zuey Birthday Gifts) – Chop Zuey

Clutch: Summer in Miami Purse – Le Primitif

Makeup: Bella Vetro Gloss Guardsman Red – [mock]


These are a few of my favorite things

This is my 100th post…a milestone for me, I feel.  And to commemorate it, I’ve chosen to highlight a few of my favorite fall things.  Fall amps up the traditional side of me, and I am reminded of old traditions no longer available to me, and new ones that I am coming to look forward to.

About a year and a half ago, I made a major move from my home state of Michigan to Mississippi.  I did it for love, and I don’t regret it, but Michigan had been home for the majority of my life, and I’m not sure at what point that will change.  The leaves don’t turn the same bright hues in Mississippi that they did in Michigan.  I miss the color tours I always took, just driving around the upper peninsula in mid October, grabbing a couple bottles of late harvest riesling from the local wineries.  Then…there were the cider mills.  We don’t have those in Mississippi, but Michigan is the apple state.  My favorite cider mill visits include tramping through the nature trails with the leaves crunching underfoot, munching on a caramel apple, and waiting in line for an hour just to get sugared covered cider donuts and a gallon of cider, both of which would be breakfast and snacks in the coming days.  Then, it was on to the pumpkin patch to pick the biggest pumpkin I could carry.

Now, in my new home, fall is a little different, particularly since it has only just cooled enough to open the windows instead of  air conditioning, and the leaves have yet to change.  The new traditions are still developing, but pumpkins are very much a part.  Weeks in advance we begin looking for designs to carve, and we are particularly fond of dragons and cats.  We will transfer our chosen design onto the pumpkins, and spend several hours carving our intricate patterns.  Once finished, the lighting and picture-taking will commence.  We will boil, salt, and roast the pumpkin seeds for snacking, and whip up a pumpkin pie.  Then, the first week of November we will head down to First Mondays, which oddly…falls on a weekend, to get the dark royal honey that is only available on that one special weekend, and with luck, a few jars of homemade sweet and spicy pickles.

One tradition that hasn’t changed though, is the unpacking of the favorite sweaters.  I may have traded in my heavy-weight fishermen wool for a light-weight angora, but bringing out the sweaters, scarves, boots…they all say fall, cozy comfort to me, and they are perfect to run around in on crisp autumn days.  It is something I look forward to.  So for my 100th post, here is my current SL favorite fall outfit.


Sweater Dress: Loose Knit Dress – Chantkare at the Couturier’s Docks

Scarf: Pashmina Scarf – Shine

Hat: Bizarre Flower Headpiece Autumn Brown – LaGyo

Hair: Tempest Drift – Exile

Makeup: Eartha 2 – Face Paint

Boots: Equestrian Boots Autumn Collection (color-change) – [Gos]

Pose: AntiVIP – Morphine Poses

The Runway Perfect Hunt Styling 1

I like to challenge myself sometimes to see how many of my designers I can feature in a single post.  I consider it a personal styling challenge in and of itself.  This post came together so effortlessly with 6 designers’ offerings as part of The Runway Perfect hunt, plus one lovely ethnic hair from EMO-tions. I’ve been getting compliments on this outfit all day as I’ve been out and about continuing my hunting.  The textures are luscious and the Silken Moon skin is just luminous.


Hair: Naomi Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Skin: Stella Dark Timewarp (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Silken Moon

Eye Makeup: TRPH3 Black and White (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – White Widow

Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Toast – [mock]

Pants and Top: Pantalon Pants and Pull Top (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Ala Folie

Necklace: Petale Choker (The Runway Perfect Hunt) – Tres Beau

Earrings/Bracelet/Purse: From the Betty Outfit (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – CHG Fashion

Pose: PRH Female 1 (The Runway Perfect Hunt) – Morphine Poses

A Bright Bouquet from Molichino for Fifty Linden Fridays

Molichino has remade the Pixie dress especially for Fifty Linden Fridays on August 24th with a bouquet of flowers scattered over the skirt, and a solid navy top.  This stunning dress is what I consider transition clothing, an outfit that takes you from one season into the next, interestingly nautical in its color scheme, yet garden fresh at the same time.    I’ve been accused of liking color, and I guess that is true, because to me this combination is Cute…with a capital “C.”

The Pixie dress, with its wide squared neckline, is perfect for accenting with lovely necklaces, scarves and hats.  I chose a vintage hat/hair combo from Clawtooth and a red and white flower scarf from Gizza, then had fun playing with primary colored makeup layers, combining two different eyes from Face Paint and cherry lips from Izzie’s for a bright and happy ensemble that waves goodbye to summer and welcomes in the fall.


Hat/Hair: Love Letters – Clawtooth

Dress: Pixie Dress FLF – Molichino

Scarf: Tricot Set Ultramarine (scarf only) – Gizza

Bracelet: Asymetrique color-change bracelet- je suis

Eye Makeup: Barbie Makeup 2 and Eartha No Lip – Face Paint

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Lipstick Red – Izzie’s

Shoes: Ruffle Ankle Boots Red (Group Gift) – Coco Designs

Poses: Insane Reason Set – Morphine Poses and Runway Series – Pose Sinfully

Rock’n the Happy

As I was working on this post, I was reminded of one of the best “feel good” things we can do for ourselves, something I used to do frequently in my teens, but somehow forgot about as I got older.  You see, this kaftan by Lush Limited was inspired by the styling of Pat Benatar, so I thought it appropriate to kick on YouTube and rock out to some of her hits as I worked on my photo.  It brought back memories of many nights during the years of teenage angst, when I’d just close my bedroom door and DANCE.  It seemed no matter how down I had been, losing myself to the rhythm of a driving rock tune, the movement, the adrenalin, especially if the song had empowering lyrics, like in Benatar classics… it was a guaranteed pick-me-up.  I couldn’t help but rock and bop in my computer chair, even as I was working on my post, big smile on my face.  So see for yourself, no matter how old you may be, if dancing doesn’t make life a little lighter.  Here’s to rock’n the happy.


Hair: Jioni Chocolate – Vanity Hair

Top and Belt: Benatar Look Kaftan – Lush Limited at Vintage Fair

Face Makeup: Fresh Face Stained with Mole – Lush Limited

Liner: Lash n Liner Two – Eyelure

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzie’s

Nose Stud: Geometry Nose Stud – Lush Limited

Jewlery: Asymetrique All Color Set – je suis

Leggings: Sora Leggings Black – PurpleMoon

Shoes: Mana Miranda Wedge Red – Nardcotix

Poses: Insane Reason Set 1 – Morphine Poses

Vintage Oriental Burlesque

Vintage Fair is still going on, and here is a mix and match of some of my favorite designers for a vintage look that blends a dash of oriental and burlesque into an outfit that is spicy and exotic.


Hat: Imperium Hat – Shi. at the Vintage Fair

Makeup: Red Planet – Madrid Solo

Corset: Kanji Mesh Corset – NV Corsetry at the Vintage Fair

Cape, Collar, Brooch, Gloves and Ruffled Shorts: Gemma – Indyra Originals at the Vintage Fair

Skirt: Diva Skirt Black – Apple May Designs

Boots: Carazon Boots Black – Ison at the Vintage Fair

Poses: Di’s Opera and Morphine Poses