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Candy Dreams and Whimsy Wishes

Let me be a kid again, lost in dreams of candylands, fairies, and mermaids.  We all need a little sweetness and magic in our lives, no matter how old we get.

Candy Dreams and Whimsy Wishes

And this post is just a nail and ring fest from two great designers, with  some colorful fun nails from Shellac for your slink hands, and yummy rings, with  couture appeal, that you can find in the gatchas at Circa Living, now that the Candy Fair has closed. Nails come in 6 or more color varieties per pack, and also include the toe nail polish. This is just a sampling of styles and colors for rings and nails.

Candy Rings


Makeup: Exotical 1 – Shellac

Hair: Locked Brown – elikatira (no longer available)

Outfit: Sohma Tank Tunic Outfit – Senzafine

Jewelry: Vellox Necklace – Kunglers

Shoes: Isabella Sandals Teal – Gos at Collabor88

Pose: Are You Worthy – Neiva Kumasi Poses

Nails/Ring upper left: Lattice Nails – Shellac, & Rock My Candy ring – Circa Living

Nails/Ring upper right: Autumn Palette Nails – Shellac, & Just Been Kissed ring – Circa Living

Nails/Ring bottom left: Angle Cut Nails – Shellac, & Angel Mint ring – Circa Living

Nails/Ring bottom right: Windows Nails – Shellac & Stick Mint ring – Circa Living


Toy Box, candy stash: Candy Dreams Wood Chest – Circa Living

Pillow: Candy Dreams Floor Pillow Sugar Honey – Circa Living

Candy Dish: Candy Dreams Candy Dish Lemon – Circa Living

Candy Picture: In the Spirit of Candy – Circa Living

Fall Picture: Fallen Autumn Print – Circa Living

Lava Lamp: Candy Dreams Liquid Lava Lamp Gold – Circa Living

Hanging Lamps: Paper Lanterns Mixed Trio – Dysfunctional Designs

Hanging Wings: Angel Wings with color-changer – Unknown

Shelf: Blank Shelf Small (group gift) – Dysfunctional Designs

Suitcase: Suitcase White – Sickly Sweet

Fairies: Porcelain Fairies (gatcha item) – Baiastice

Mermaids: Mermaid figurines (gatcha item) – Culprit

Book: Where the Sidewalk Ends – floorplan

Rug: Paradise Reef Swirled – Circa Living


Cinema – SciFi: Who can it be now?

Is it the man come to take me away?  Why do they follow me? 

It’s not the future that I can see. 

It’s just my fantasy.


Hair: Tracey Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Monacle: The Automatic Viewing Lens Future – Vaughn’s House of Curiosities at Cinema 2012

Dress: SciFi Dress Blue – E! Eclectic Apparel at Cinema 2012

Boots: Equestrian Boots Autumn Collection (6 color-change shades) – [Gos] at Cinema 2012

World in a Cube: Stasis Chamber – Hanaya Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery at Cinema 2012

Makeup: Mix and Match Makeup City Girl – Face Paint

Poses: Pic 1: Electrify ’em – Neiva Kumasi Poses,  Pic 2 & 3: Naughty – Focus Poses at Perfect Wardrobe

Lyrics: “Who Can It Be Now” – by Men at Work

Shopping Chic or Anytime Chic

I’m all ready for a day of shopping in my Blueberry Lena Mesh Jumpsuit.  This great outfit is easy, breezy, and curvy, coming in versions with or without the belt, so (Yay!) no resizing is required when you do choose to accessorize.  I accented the jumpsuit with a big floppy hat from Maya Sharpshire.  I’m loving this hat, and in fact, I have one in ever color, because it is versatile enough to wear with a bikini, a maxi dress, even country club attire for an added touch of chic.  Both the jumpsuit and the hat come in a wonderful range of colors so you can find the one (or many) that is just right for you.

Fun blue and silver accessories finish my look, including Boheme jewelry from Je Suis, and these darling nails from the Finesmith Summer Hunt that are just too cute, with little birds perched on the tips.  With a BIG bag from Handmade, I am all set to carry my many pixel purchases.


Outfit:  Lena Mesh Jumpsuit in Blue – Blueberry

Hat: Floppy Hat Blue – InWorld Inc. New Gen Plaza by Maya Sharpshire

Hair: Irina – Vanity Hair

Necklace/Earrings: Boheme Necklace and Earrings in Blue – Je Suis

Bracelet: Aria Bracelet – Finesmith

Nails: Birds Silver version (Summer Hunt Item) – Finesmith

Shoes: Audrey2 Sandals Color Change fatpack – Redgrave

Bag: Black Plain Bag – Handmade

Makeup: [mock]

Poses: Everglow and  Nieva Kumasi Poses (Are You Worthy? Collection)

As Colorful as Your Imagination

Whether you are a guy or a gal, at some point, we all played with blocks.  I had a set of bright colored alphabet blocks that I played with into my preteens, using the F, P and L turned upside-down for chairs, and the D and O for tables.  It was my modernistic take on Barbie furniture back then.

Today, instead of playing with blocks, we play with color, and the trend called “color-blocking” lets us mix and match to be as colorful as our imagination.  I had so much fun styling this outfit, starting with Lush Limited’s Mod Color Block top as inspiration in hues of turquoise, yellow, purple, and a splash of hot pink on the back.  From there I just began to play with options to make a happy combination, including color block jewelry from Finesmith and a bright skirt and leggings from Nemesis.  Even hair and makeup lends itself to color blocking, with some pink and purple streaks for my blond locks, then more Lush Limited goodies, including Nightshade shadow and a fun two-tone lipstick.  All the Lush Limited pretties are available at the Color Blocking Fair going on now.


Shirt: MOD Color Block Top – Lush Limited at the Color Blocking Fair

Skirt: Works Dress in Bamboo (skirt portion) – Nemesis

Leggings: Pleasure Tights in Phlox – Nemesis

Ring: Seeing Colors Ring OPY (Summer Hunt item) – Finesmith

Bracelets: Athena Bracelet Silver and Playcube Bracelet Colorchange (Summer Hunt Item) – Finesmith

Hair: Frankie Dark Blonde Streaked – Truth

Eye Makeup: Nightshade Shadow – Puuuurple – Lush Limited at the Color Blocking Fair

Lipstick: Lush Lip 1 – Lush Limited at the Color Blocking Fair

Nails: Animal Print Nails Pink (ring included) – PurpleMoon

Pose: Electrify ’em – Neiva Kumasi Poses