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The Vision: To Give Disadvantaged Children a Good Future

Tunza comes from the Swahili word meaning “to care for” and that is the goal of The Mama Tunza Children’s Home.  There are an estimated 1,659,000 orphans in Kenya, approximately 126 or which call The Mama Tunza Children’s Home their home, and for which the Masai Mara event has been organized.  The mission of the center is to provide a home, nourishment, and education to disadvantaged children, many of whom are orphans, many of whom are HIV positive.

Your visit to the Masai Mara Solidarity Store is shopping for a great cause, helping to spread the mission and raise funds to provide a better life for these children.  There are so many beautiful exclusives available, and even 100L helps to feed a child.  Here is just one of the lovely offerings, the Zebra Showgirl by Russh Lussh for Masai Mara.  This is an outfit you can strut your stuff in, and it carries with it the spirit of celebration.

You can help put a smile on a needy child’s face.  Mama Tunza Video Link.


Dress: Zebra Showgirl Outfit – Russh Lussh at Masai Mara

Hair: Kahlua Soil – Vanity Hair

Collar: Ash Collar color-change – Finesmith

Gloves: Tick Tock Long Gloves – Tres Beau

Shoes: Esther Heels – B&G Shoes

Makeup: Eyes: Vixen 2 – Madrid Solo, Lips: Red 2 – Izzie’s

Pose: Everglow

Background: Cinecitta Set – PNP


Boyfriend Sweater

It was a brisk summer night near the water, and I was walking hand in hand with that man I love.  He noticed me shiver.  Was it from the evening breeze, or just because he was near?  No matter, he took off his sweater and wrapped it around my shoulders.  At the end of the evening, I could have given it back, but it was warm and smelled like him.  So I pretended to “forget,” so I could stay wrapped in him just a little longer.



Hair: Amanda Dark Brown – DeLa

Sweater/Tank Combo: Weslyn Green – Strip’d

Jeans: Mesh Flare Jeans #5 – Maitreya

Jewelry: By the Sea Charm Necklace – Yummy

Makeup: Eartha no lip – Face Paint

Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Toast – [mock]

Pose: Heart String – WetCat at The Pink Ribbon Fair

Backdrop: Coastal Set – PNP


Hair: Ammiel Light Brown – MaDesigns Hair (KMADD)

Shirt: Group Gift June – Gizza

Jeans: Male Jeans – Gizza


Every now and again you encounter a group gift that entices you to clear a group spot because you say to yourself, “I have to have that.”  When I saw AtaMe’s August Group Gift, Checkmate, it was one of those “I want that” moments.  Worn as an ensemble, this outfit hints at the provocative, so I styled it accordingly with a diamond studded blindfold and thigh-high boots.  These pieces taken individually, however, can be re-purposed in so many way.  For example, the checkered booty shorts would look great under a fitted avant garde jacket, or paired with a bright corset.  Then, the biased-cut latex top would combine nicely over a long maxi skirt or even a simple pair of leather leggings or ripped jeans.

I am a believer that what you give out always comes back to you multiplied.  AtaMe’s Checkmate certainly got me to take a second look, and it was a wonderful enticement to visit the store and see all the many sleek and sexy offerings.


Outfit: Checkmate (August Group Gift) – AtaMe

Hair: Groove Theory – Drift – Exile

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Plum – Izzie’s

Blindfold: Aveugle Diamond Studded Blindfold  (part of Chic2 event) – je suis

Choker: 6 Color 2 Choker – Deity

Gloves: Marlene Black Gloves (part of Marlene Gown) – PurpleMoon

Boots: Carazon Boots Black – Ison at the Vintage Fair

Pose: Chuan – PNP


Ever since my SL love became my RL love, I don’t wear near as much lingerie out here anymore.  However, when I saw Voluptia’s new Revival lingerie, I knew I just had to have it, because it is absolutely smexy, as my SL brother would say.

It’s all the little peekaboo details that make this set so smexy, like the purple eyelet trim, the patch of skin peeping out below the waist of the garter belt, and the booty-shorts panty.  Then, the fabric itself is just lovely.  I am wearing the Regal print, in a mix of purple, blue and aqua jewel tones, the colors of royalty.  I think the bra top on its own could be beautiful under a tailored jacket with the bow peeking out to add a touch of sex appeal and femininity.  The set also comes with a pair of stockings to go with the garters.

Also smexy are my pouty lips, compliments of Eyelure‘s new Petal Soft Lips.  This particular color gives the illusion of nude lips, but the subtle shading gives your mouth a pouty fullness that can’t be resisted, or so I hope.  Because maybe, just maybe, if I show my RL guy some lovely boudoir pics of me waiting for him, he will come back out to SL again to play, instead of just glancing over my shoulder periodically to see what I’m up to out here on the computer.  I’ve got my bedroom eyes on and my fingers crossed.


Lingerie: Revival lingerie in Regal – Voluptia

Hair: Tempest in Drift – Exile, Hairbase: Hairbase Curls – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Pink Union Eyeshadow Blue – [mock]

Lips: Petal Soft Lips 4 – Eyelure

Bracelet: Aster Bracelet Blue Sea – mE.

Ring: Pansy Tropical Ring – mE.

Shoes: Alluring Stiletto Pink – Mary Jane Shoes

Poses: Pic 1 – Chuan Pack – PNP, Pic 2 – LA Vintage Lounger – LostAngel Industries

Happy Summer…Happy Summer Separates

Today is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer.  So, happy summer to you all, and…happy summertime separates.  It is time for brights and lights, beginning with silky mesh Baila pants from Blueberry.  Available in solids and a variety of prints, these are flow-with-you pants that are casual enough to layer over your favorite bathing suit or silky top, like my Oasis Champagne Silk from AngelWing. Combined with a short-sleeved sweater from elly, and you should stay comfortable even with a breeze off the water.

Also catching the breeze is my summertime jewelry, including this wood and metal Wild necklace from LaGyo, and Lush Limited’s Geometry shutter earrings in cool shades of blue and green.  The  earrings remind me of Asian lattice-work,  and the set includes the silver nose stud to add just a touch of exotic to any outfit.  The Geometry set is on sale now at the Fashion Cache through Friday the 22nd.   Lush has also revamped their flagship store with many new seasonal offerings, so take the Lush Limited taxi to have a look at all their new goodies.


Bolero: Bolero in blue – elly

Blouse: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Pants: Baila Mesh Pants in Flowers in Orange – Blueberry

Earrings/Nose Stud: Geometry Shutter Earrings and Nose Ring – Lush Limited available at the Fashion Cache through June 22

Necklace: Wild Necklace – LaGyo

Belly Ring: Oasis Champagne Silks Belly Ring – Angelwing

Hair: Tiramisu – LOQ

Makeup: Ocean Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover – [mock]

Poses: Agapee

Backdrop: Coastal Pack – PNP

Mint Chocolate Chip

My absolute favorite summertime treat is a Mint Chocolate Chip shake made fresh from the ice cream parlor, with just a dash of chocolate syrup blended in with the milk and mint ice cream.  Somehow the minty taste makes the drink seem that much cooler and refreshing.

My inspiration for this outfit came from Blueberry’s Mesh Skinny Pants Mias in Brown, which coordinate so well with chocolate and green accents, making me think of that minty goodness.  This outfit is a wonderful blending of some of our up-and-coming designers on the grid…so shake up your normal shopping haunts and give them a visit to add some new and wonderful things to your wardrobe.


Pants: Mesh Skinny Pants Mias in Brown – Blueberry

Chemise & Panties: Wine Booty Shortset – Graffitiwear

Bolero: Bolero in Green – elly

Belt: High waisted belt snake brown (part of the high-waisted skirt set) – Izzie’s

Shoes: Boula Heels in Brown Green – Blueberry

Hair: Kirby – Truth

Necklace/Earrings: Camelia – Kunglers

Bracelet: Dallagio Celtic Butterfly Bracelet – Alienbear

Nails: Manicure Set 3 – PIDIDDLE

Backdrop:  Cincetta Pack – PNP

Poses: R.icielli

Pink Phase

Didn’t we all go through a pink phase at some time in our life ladies? This outfit is reminiscent of my childhood love of pink, the pinker the better, with many fun pieces to share with you.  First, my Dino mesh vest from Secrets, with its cute dino waiting to pounce on you with a playful Rawr!.  This is a great piece to wear alone or layered over a bandeau, bikini, or t-shirt.  Since we are going casual, it just made since to add blue jeans, then continue my pink theme by making them pop with bubblegum pink Surprise boots covered in star flowers, both from Hot Stuff.

To round out my fun, I couldn’t resist Blueberry’s Flower ring to draw attention to these lovely patterned nails from Moondance Boutique.  Being newly introduced to Moondance, I was delighted with the variety of unique nail options they have.  They even carry nails for those of you in Petite form, because nothing says polished like a perfect set of pretty nails, no matter what size you are.


Shirt: Vest Mesh Rawr Dino – Secrets on Marketplace

Pants: Clodin Jeans in Blue – May Group Gift – Hot Stuff

Boots: Surprise Mesh Boots – Hot Stuff

Nails: Square Short Saffron Swirls 3d – Moondance Boutique

Ring: Flower Ring in Yellow – Blueberry

Bracelets: Idioma – Finesmith

Hair: Daydream Long Mesh – ploom at Collabor88

Makeup: Izzie’s & [mock]

Backdrop: Cincetta Pack – PNP

Poses: Pinup pack – Purple Poses at Perfect Wardrobe