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Out on the town

As the U.S. springs forward, I thought I’d step out on the town dressed for windy pre-spring weather for some distraction-free me time.  Just me today, out and about, with no one to chase through the toy department or extract from underneath the clothing racks.  No one pestering about “are we done yet?” or nudging me for ice cream.  As much as I love them, sometimes I appreciate them even more after a little me time.

Today is about a little power shopping with a focus on finding a great statement accessory.  In this case, my impact item is a snazzy scarf from Shine, pulling together the wines, blacks, and purples in my outfit so harmoniously. March may bluster, but I’m cruising, feeling relaxed and unhurried.

Gizza Belted Coat


Coat: Belted Coat Fur – Gizza

Scarf: Pashmina – Shine

Hat: Nikola – Lode

Hair: Gesella Soil – frou-frou

Earrings: Spots and wire earrings strada purple – LaGyo

Gloves: Marlene Gloves – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Grace Pink – Face Paint

Boots: Equestrian Boots Autumn Collection – Gos

Pose: Model 111 – Focus Poses


Autumn at the Louvre – Paris Metro Couture

I had the pleasure of walking in the Autumn at the Louvre show, wearing the artistic designs of Paris Metro Couture, with poses sponsored by Morgane Batista Poses.   Here is a recap for you of some of the featured designs.

Nara NightCoral

Artist Series M. Sharple

Universal Love

Styling Pic 1:

Gown: Nara NightCoral – Paris Metro Couture

Pose: NV Corsetry Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair & Hair Accessory: Coage Hair with Shiori Accessory – Tukinowaguma

Jewelry: Chiasa – Zibska

Gloves: Marlene Gown Gloves – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Eye Makeup: Anime 23 – Tattanooga, Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzies, Contour Blush – Dead Apples

Styling Pic 2:

Gown:  Artist Series M. Sharple – Paris Metro Couture

Pose: MVW Costume Rusalka Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair: Adorable – TuTy’s Creations

Hat: Cora Hat Dark Blue – PurpleMoon

Jewelry: Cycle dans la Chocolateri (Group Gift) – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Eye Makeup: Mix and Match Eyes Glamour Girl – Face Paint, Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Guardsman Red – [mock], Contour Blush – Dead Apples

Styling Pic 3:

Gown: Universal Love – Paris Metro Couture

Pose:  Pipins Pose Set & Serene Faith Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair & Hair Accessory: Never – Miamai

Jewelry: Zaza (necklace/earrings/bracelet) and Olivie (layered necklaces) – Zibska

Makeup: Obscura and Cold as Ice (layered) – Madrid Solo

Rock’n the Happy

As I was working on this post, I was reminded of one of the best “feel good” things we can do for ourselves, something I used to do frequently in my teens, but somehow forgot about as I got older.  You see, this kaftan by Lush Limited was inspired by the styling of Pat Benatar, so I thought it appropriate to kick on YouTube and rock out to some of her hits as I worked on my photo.  It brought back memories of many nights during the years of teenage angst, when I’d just close my bedroom door and DANCE.  It seemed no matter how down I had been, losing myself to the rhythm of a driving rock tune, the movement, the adrenalin, especially if the song had empowering lyrics, like in Benatar classics… it was a guaranteed pick-me-up.  I couldn’t help but rock and bop in my computer chair, even as I was working on my post, big smile on my face.  So see for yourself, no matter how old you may be, if dancing doesn’t make life a little lighter.  Here’s to rock’n the happy.


Hair: Jioni Chocolate – Vanity Hair

Top and Belt: Benatar Look Kaftan – Lush Limited at Vintage Fair

Face Makeup: Fresh Face Stained with Mole – Lush Limited

Liner: Lash n Liner Two – Eyelure

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzie’s

Nose Stud: Geometry Nose Stud – Lush Limited

Jewlery: Asymetrique All Color Set – je suis

Leggings: Sora Leggings Black – PurpleMoon

Shoes: Mana Miranda Wedge Red – Nardcotix

Poses: Insane Reason Set 1 – Morphine Poses

Let’s Go Charleston

Automobiles, moving pictures, art deco, jazz, and a breaking with tradition was what the “roaring ’20’s” was all about.  The Flapper helped redefine the face of modern womanhood, as women earned their right to vote and ushered in a time of self-expression with a touch of defiance in attitude, lifestyle, and fashion.  Fashion of the 1920’s is as much trend as social statement, as it was out with the corsets and long skirts, and in with comfortable flowing dresses meant to be danced in.  Jules by Molichino, is true 1920’s Flapper inspiration, with tiers of ruffles over a lacy tank silhouette.  This dress says “let’s go Charleston.”


Dress: Jules Midnight Blue – Molichino at the Vintage Fair

Hair: Rebeca Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Hat: Aradia Hat Blue – Bliss Couture

Earrings & Ring: Flapper Set – Amarelo Manga

Makeup: Barbie Makeup 2 – Face Paint

Lips: Rose Taupe Lipshine – [mock]

Shoes: Haru Stilettos in Blue – PurpleMoon

Pose: “My Paula” – WetCat at the Vintage Fair


Every now and again you encounter a group gift that entices you to clear a group spot because you say to yourself, “I have to have that.”  When I saw AtaMe’s August Group Gift, Checkmate, it was one of those “I want that” moments.  Worn as an ensemble, this outfit hints at the provocative, so I styled it accordingly with a diamond studded blindfold and thigh-high boots.  These pieces taken individually, however, can be re-purposed in so many way.  For example, the checkered booty shorts would look great under a fitted avant garde jacket, or paired with a bright corset.  Then, the biased-cut latex top would combine nicely over a long maxi skirt or even a simple pair of leather leggings or ripped jeans.

I am a believer that what you give out always comes back to you multiplied.  AtaMe’s Checkmate certainly got me to take a second look, and it was a wonderful enticement to visit the store and see all the many sleek and sexy offerings.


Outfit: Checkmate (August Group Gift) – AtaMe

Hair: Groove Theory – Drift – Exile

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Plum – Izzie’s

Blindfold: Aveugle Diamond Studded Blindfold  (part of Chic2 event) – je suis

Choker: 6 Color 2 Choker – Deity

Gloves: Marlene Black Gloves (part of Marlene Gown) – PurpleMoon

Boots: Carazon Boots Black – Ison at the Vintage Fair

Pose: Chuan – PNP

Picasso Perception

Art blurs the lines between the real and the unreal.  Picasso for example, had a unique perspective that stretched the imagination to understand the muse behind his creations, and to see the world with new eyes.  His art, abstract and unconventional, also evokes emotion.  Most either love it or hate it.

The art of fashion also can evoke emotion, and I immediately thought of artwork whenever I saw Evolve’s new mesh So Emotional dress.  With its painterly splashes of color in rich jeweled hues on a golden backdrop, it made me want to pose.  It also opened up some dizzying color accent options, which I absolutely love.

I pulled the blues and teals out of the dress with my PurpleMoon Cora Hat, added some funky blue lipstick from Izzie’s, and a Milk Motion clutch.  PurpleMoon’s Selva feathered necklace really pulled this look  together for me though, with its graduated colors moving from teal, to grey, to white, to blue.  The freedom to play and combine creatively in SL let’s us all dabble at being artists.


Dress: So Emotional Mesh Dress #1 – Evolve

Jewelry: Selva in the Blues set – PurpleMoon

Hat: Cora Hat in Dark Blue – PurpleMoon

Clutch: My Clutch Bag – Milk Motion

Lipstick: Masquerade Makeup Lips in Blue – Izzie’s

Eyeshadow: Love Cycle Eyeshadow One – [mock]

Liner:  Natural liner and lash – Face Paint

Hair: BAD980 in Chocolate – booN

Shoes: Tresor X-tremeHeel in Gold – N-Core

Poses: Falbala and Runway Set 5 – WetCat exclusives for One Voice

When the lights go down in the city – Summer Parade and Hair Fair

Strolling through the streets, the stars in the form of twinkling colored lights overhead, it is one of those lazy, hazy summer evenings where I’m taking a break from the day’s rounds of two great events that are criss-crossing right now, Summer Parade 2012 and Hair Fair 2012.

First, let me tell you about my Summer Parade finds, which include color-blocked harem pants in stripes of blush, rose and bordeaux, with chunky blocks of fuchsia from PurpleMoon.  There are so many harem pants on the market right now, but when I saw these, I just had to have them because they have fun color-pops and that “look-twice” appeal that catches the eye.  Also by PurpleMoon, an off-the-shoulder, mid-drift baring top with a sweet boho feel.  Both pants and top come in a myriad of colors, so take your taxi to Summer Parade and pick up these, along with the free earrings available at the PurpleMoon booth.

On a steamy summer night, the last thing you want is hair on your neck, so this short casually messy Karen style from EMO-tions was just the ticket.  This hair is two styles in one, allowing you to switch between the tucked back version held with silver hair clips that I’m wearing, or a shaggy, hair-in your-face version perfect for a rocker or more urban night out.  What I love about all the EMO-tions Hair Fair items this year is, not only are they two styles in one, but they include a darling “messing with my hair” animation to change between styles that I can just watch over and over again, and all for the same price of their normal hairs.


Hair: Karen – EMO-tions at Hair Fair 2102

Top: Kade Top in Cream – PurpleMoon at Summer Parade 2012

Pants: Zuleyka in Pink/Bordeaux – PurpleMoon at Summer Parade 2012

Shoes: Skylei Hightop Sandals in White – Aleida (no longer available)

Jewelry: Shells and Pearls – Earthstones at Collabor88

Eye makeup: Supersweet Shadow Two – [mock]

Lips: Gala Grab Bag Microsunberry Pink – [mock] at One Voice

Poses: Model Pack 79 – Focus Poses