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Have you been listening to that small voice inside, that gentle prodding, your inner wisdom that is perhaps nudging you in a new direction?  We all have a touch of intuition, that part of us that has an inner knowing about what we need to do, but it is easy to tune it out or choose not to listen to it whenever it seems to be steering us in a new direction.

For example, one of the scariest things for me is saying hello to someone I don’t know, especially if I am the one reaching out first.  And yet, I’ve seen that inner wisdom be right so many times.  As early as second grade, I recall the teacher saying we could choose who we sat beside, but both parties must be in agreement.  I locked eyes with a girl across the room, and she with me.  We had never spoken before that day, but something inside us knew that we were destined to become best friends.  Intuition is like that.  Particularly with someone new. We may not know what the draw is, but something in us says “Say hello.”  And when we do, often times they become a dear friend, a lover, or if nothing else, they help us or we help them learn something that was needed that perhaps could have not been found if not for the meeting.

So the next time you feel a pull, whether it be towards a person or a new endeavor, be brave, take a chance. Follow your intuition.  It is, after all, your inner wisdom.



Dress: Kay Little Black Mesh Dress – shine by [ZD]

Cape: Blazer Cape Baroque White – REMY

Collar/Necklace: Chaos – EMO-tions

Shoes: Helena sandals color-change – Redgrave

Hair: Taylor Dark Brown – DeLa

Pose: Lluvia Set – The Muse Poses


Mirror/Vanity/Chair/Vases:  Part of the Illusions Vanity Set  – Circa Living

Rug/Candleabra: Part of the Constantine Gothic Collection – Circa Living


You look wonderful tonight

It’s late in the evening, she’s wondering what clothes to wear. She puts on her makeup, and brushes her long dark hair.  And then she asks me; “Do I look alright?” And I say; “Yes, you look wonderful tonight.” lyrics by Eric Clapton.

It was while dancing in Molichino’s Liri dress that I came to fully appreciate the artistry of it.  It caresses the body much the way real silk does, with beautiful draping that clings gently to belly and hips, teasing at the shape beneath it with each sashay. This design debuts at Fashion For Life, and comes in an exclusive shade of lavender for the event.

Molichino Kiri Dress Cream

The soft elegance of Liri lends itself to myriad styling options.  I chose to keep things very feminine, playing with soft green and peach accents from HANDverk, EMO-tions, Finesmith, and Redgrave, finishing with the casual updo, Semiramis, from EMO-tions featured at Fashion For Life.  You have a few more hours today to give to a great cause and gather up some EMO-tions hair specials, only 99L each at Fashion For Life.

Molichino Kiri Dress Cream Close


Hair: Semiramis Dark Brown – EMO-tions for Fashion For Life

Dress: Liri Dress Cream – Molichino

Necklace/Earrings: Eternal spring – EMO-tions

Ring: Louise Luminous Pearl Color-change – Finesmith

Clutch: Leather Feather Clutch Green – HANDverk

Eye Makeup: Sunkissed Summer 2013 – Face Paint

Lips: Dailyn Lipgloss Medium Rust – Izzie’s

Shoes: Doro Color-change – Redgrave

Poses: Model Set 127 – Focus Poses


Home: Darth Mesh Home (group gift) – Creative Decay

Hanging Light: Imbue Orb Pendant Light – Circa Living

Standing Light: Crysalis Shaft Light Standing – Circa Living

Rug/Chair/Table/Tea Set: Part of Aurora Takai IDX 6.0 Bedroom Suite – Akaesha Designs

Plant in basket: Okinawa Bamboo Tree Small Floor – Zen & Serenity

Bamboo Floor Vase: Japanese Vase – Bahia Tiki

Screen: G7 Japanese Screen – Abadutiker

Rev up your engines

Before this recent style challenge, I don’t think I owned a thing with skulls on it.  That was why I had to take up this challenge and give it a whirl when I learned about InWorld’s Biker Rave Party.  I had such fun styling this outfit, which was way out of my norm.  But then, that is one of the joys of SL Fashion…the ability to remake yourself and slip into a role.

So, first course of business, the leather jacket.  I found this awesome detailed woman’s urban leather jacket from Lapointe and Bastchild, and had a tough time deciding between the Morte version, or the UK flag version, but the Madrid Solo tattoo helped me finalize that decision.  Ahoy hair from Secrets was perfect, with its mesh braids framing the face, and color-change bandana.  Finally, add a corset from NV Corsetry, leather Gizza pants, and silver Redgrave biker boots, and there before me was a badass biker girl.

Rev up your engines and be sure to mark your calender for the InWorld New Gen Biker Rave party on September 29th at 3pm.


Hair: Ahoy Mocha – Secrets

Jacket: S’Wear “Morte” Leather Jacket – Lapointe & Bastchild (L&B)

Corset: Snowbunny Leather Mesh Corset – NV Corsetry

Pants: Leather Pants (Group Gift) – Gizza

Gloves: Leather Gloves Blue – Izzie’s

Tattoo: 1776 US Flag (4th of July Group Gift) – Madrid Solo

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Black – Izzie’s

Necklace: Cross Chain Necklace and Horn Cord Necklace – Fusion

Boots: Girl’s Biker Reloaded White – Redgrave

Pose: Impacto Poses

Background: Relative Security by Jonasdero – Deviant Art

Belong on the cover of Vogue – MVW Day 3

On Day 3, the BIG DAY, of Miss Virtual World Academy, we were challenged to get inspired by a Vogue Cover and style as if we belonged on the cover of Vogue.

I spent a fair amount of time perusing Vogue covers to find that most of them had only a face shot.  Digging a bit further into the pages, I saw a trend towards feminine gowns this year, along with a fair amount of haute couture and avant garde.  I chose the lovely Leezu Adriana gown as my inspiration piece.  I love the interesting shape of the skirt, the modern dots, and the lovely sheen to the fabric. It further caught my eye because the wonderful shapes could lend themselves to some mix and match play in the future to create something one-of-a-kind, and I love multi-use outfits.

I accented it with pearl Donna Flora jewelry to echo the dots and combined two Amacci hairstyles into one formal updo.  With lovely White Widow makeup to finish my look, I was feeling very elegant and ready for my Vogue cover.

And the results….I did NOT pass Day 3 of MVW Academy.  My feedback, which I sought out following Day 3 was that, while I looked beautiful and I was on the right track, they did not feel they saw enough of my personality in my styling.  I suspect it would have been preferred for me to “make something new” with component pieces of several outfits or separates.  I also had a minor prim issue that I was unable to correct to my satisfaction, and this was also noted by the judges, as it effected my pose selection.

I am not daunted, by the way, that I did not graduate the first time around.  Many, in fact most, do not.  I have known excellent models in the industry who took 2, and even 3 times, to pass MVW Academy, and done exceptional work in the meantime.  So…I will be back for my own round 2 in the coming months, and hopefully doing some exceptional work myself in-between.


Hair: Paz & Pythia – Amacci

Makeup: Lilas in Silver – White Widow, Ruby Ruby Lipshine – [mock]

Gown: Adriana Teal – Leezu

Jewelry: Miranda Set with Color-change gems – Donna Flora

Shoes: Nikki Sandals Color-change Fatpack- Redgrave

Poses: Manifeste and Everglow

Shopping Chic or Anytime Chic

I’m all ready for a day of shopping in my Blueberry Lena Mesh Jumpsuit.  This great outfit is easy, breezy, and curvy, coming in versions with or without the belt, so (Yay!) no resizing is required when you do choose to accessorize.  I accented the jumpsuit with a big floppy hat from Maya Sharpshire.  I’m loving this hat, and in fact, I have one in ever color, because it is versatile enough to wear with a bikini, a maxi dress, even country club attire for an added touch of chic.  Both the jumpsuit and the hat come in a wonderful range of colors so you can find the one (or many) that is just right for you.

Fun blue and silver accessories finish my look, including Boheme jewelry from Je Suis, and these darling nails from the Finesmith Summer Hunt that are just too cute, with little birds perched on the tips.  With a BIG bag from Handmade, I am all set to carry my many pixel purchases.


Outfit:  Lena Mesh Jumpsuit in Blue – Blueberry

Hat: Floppy Hat Blue – InWorld Inc. New Gen Plaza by Maya Sharpshire

Hair: Irina – Vanity Hair

Necklace/Earrings: Boheme Necklace and Earrings in Blue – Je Suis

Bracelet: Aria Bracelet – Finesmith

Nails: Birds Silver version (Summer Hunt Item) – Finesmith

Shoes: Audrey2 Sandals Color Change fatpack – Redgrave

Bag: Black Plain Bag – Handmade

Makeup: [mock]

Poses: Everglow and  Nieva Kumasi Poses (Are You Worthy? Collection)

Forever Lazy

Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. Don’t feel like pickin up my phone….so leave a message at the tone. Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything…nothing at all.  Lazy Day Song: Bruno Mars

I have a favorite RL outfit called Forever Lazy that I like to call my Grovers, because it is a zip up fleece jump suit the same color as Grover from Sesame Street.  I would live in that thing if I never left the house.

In SL, however….I have my Lazy Day shirts by Lush Limited.  Loose and comfortable to lounge around in, they are also stylish enough to throw on leggings or just a pair of heels to wear out, and the best part is in SL….I don’t EVER have to take them off if I don’t want to.

FFITI is funky and a little outrageous with Incan tribal patterning.

Icon is styling with its iconic woman biting her thumb, a sassy irreverent gesture that can’t help but make you smile.

And the plaid Punk version is the perfect nightshirt, on sale this week at the Fashion Cache.


Shirts: Lazy Day Shirt in FFITI, Icon, and Punk – Lush Limited with the plaid Punk version at Fashion Cache through May 25th.

Hair: Carmen – EMO-tions

Shoes: Audrey Sandal (color-change fat-pack) – Redgrave

Socks: Over Knee Socks in Black – Izzie’s

What I Know Now – Part 1

This is the first post of my “What I Know Now” series to share a bit of what I learned about getting up and running in the SL fashion industry, in hopes of sparing new models some of my personal trials and tribulations.  This idea began one day while looking over my inventory in utter horror, because yes…models need a lot of stuff, and I had a LOT of stuff.  I was so appalled at the state of my inventory that day that I began pondering what I’d do different if I had a “do over” and was starting my modeling career and inventory from scratch.   So…if I was entering the modeling world today, knowing what I know now…here is tip number 1 that I wish I’d known to save me time and linden.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DISCOUNT DESIGNER STORES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Styling becomes more economical, faster, and more effective when you know where to shop.  This was one of the most challenging things for me to learn…where do I go to find what I need?  Short of having a good friend who has been in the industry awhile to direct you (which is NOT a bad thing, by the way, but something I did not have when I started) my number 1 favorite way to find new designers and add things to my inventory that are top quality and affordable is to frequent the discount designer stores.

Visiting the many designer discount locations gives you a taste of different styles on the grid, and also allows you to grab a landmark to visit the designer’s main location.  And since they often have exclusive or limited quantity items at these shops, not everyone will have those pieces.  That said, a word of caution…. even if it is free…only bring it home if  a) you love it, b) you will use it.  This was a lesson I learned too late, which added to unnecessary inventory chaos.  Now an item must ideally meet both criteria to find its way into my inventory.

On my visits to designers’ main locations, if I find I LOVE their work, I will look up their group.  Even if the group is one I must pay for, if they give high quality gifts regularly, it is well worth it and a money-saver in the long run.   I have also found that in many cases the main location may have an outlet section, another added benefit to visiting the main shop.  I’ll share my tips for selecting items in a future “What I Know Now” post, but for now, here is a sampling of my recent travel bargains.

Dress: Audrey Dress Disco style – PurpleMoon exclusive at Gypset Market

Necklace: Folieole Necklace Sunflower – Finesmith exclusive at Tropicalia BIG Bazaar

Ring: Here Comes The Sun – Turquoise – Finesmith (group members receive monthly gifts and 20% off on the day new designs are introduced)

Face Tattoo: Henna Red – cheLLe exclusive at the Summer Beauty Festival

Bag: Cowhide Tote Leather Bag – R.icielli exclusive at The Dressing Room

Shoes: Audrey color-change sandals – Redgrave on sale now 50% off

Hair: 2358 Hair – Lelutka, not on sale but it met the criteria a) I love it, b) I will use it

In my pic-within-a-pic in the lower corner, I am making a list of all my favorite discount designer locations for you.  My current list is below.  Please feel free to share others you are aware of in the comments section of this blog for all readers to enjoy.

Gypset Market

Tropicalia Bazaar

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Blue

My Attic at the Deck

Fashion Limited


The Designer Showcase

Perfect Wardrobe