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Cinema and TRPH Styling – The Drama and the Elegance

Just a few hours left to swing by Cinema 2012 to pick up a design that can be either dramatic costume or  elegant evening dress.

You will make a striking Queen of the Nile in this fabulous Cobra Queen gown by 22769, including the headpiece and snake boa.  The colors are rich and regal, swathing you in black, gold, and purple silk in this flowing mesh gown.

Madrid Solo’s Raven’s Flock accents this look with makeup worthy of Egyptian royalty.

Finally, if you are looking for a more modern look that is just as dramatic, this versatile gown converts from B.C. to A.D. formal evening wear simply by switching to a tousled jewel-bedecked updo by EMO-tions and the Miracle ring, Chop Zuey’s item for The Runway Perfect Hunt, also ending at 11:59pm Oct 31st.


Gown/headpiece/cobra: Cobra Queen – 22769 at Cinema 2012  mainstore location here

Makeup: Raven’s Flock – Madrid Solo

Ring: Miracle – Chop Zuey for The Runway Perfect Hunt

Hair: Anushka – EMO-tions

Poses: Corpus Poses


The Runway Perfect Hunt – Styling 3 – City Girl

It’s a jungle out there, but you can look chic and ready to take on the city in some wonderful finds from of The Runway Perfect Hunt, including a safari-inspired tank dress from Prism, and sueded boots from Loordes of London, all complimented by Chop Zuey’s Harvest collection of jewelry, given as gifts as part of Chop Zuey’s birthday celebration, and just perfect for the season.  Psst:  Chop Zuey also has a fab hunt find that is part of The Runway Perfect Hunt, a sparkling black jewel and diamond Miracle ring (not shown) that you definitely will want, as it is a stunner (and if you know Chop Zuey quality…you know it is worth the effort to go look for it).  Even the Morphine pose used here is yours for the finding.  The Runway Perfect Hunt is still going on through the 31st.


Hair: Tracey Mesh Hair Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Dress: Sheena in Yellow Zebra (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Prism

Boots: Janis Boots (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Loordes of London

Pose: PRH Female 2 (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Morphine Poses

Jewelry: Harvest Earrings and Bangles (Chop Zuey Birthday Gifts) – Chop Zuey

Clutch: Summer in Miami Purse – Le Primitif

Makeup: Bella Vetro Gloss Guardsman Red – [mock]

The Runway Perfect Hunt – Styling 2 – GLOW

What makes you glow, lights you up, puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart?  Sometimes it’s a person, or a favorite song, sometimes just a memory that never fails to cause the corners of your mouth to creep up into a smile.  A favorite one for me is, after most of my adulthood without children in my life, being woken up by my boyfriend and his kids as they bound into the room with good morning choruses and a kiss.  Yes, some days a little more sleep would be nice, but I also know there will come a day when there will be no more children voices, even if a part of me knows now that some of what they really want when they wake me is for me to just get up and feed them.  So I will store those boisterous morning wake-up calls in my heart and memory, so that forever I can think on them when I need a pick-me-up glow.  Keep your light shining 🙂


Hair: Spikey Flower Hair (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – L&N Signature Designs

Dress: Wire Female (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Bubble’s Designs

Pose: Princess Pose 5 (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – PoSEsioN

Makeup: Eartha Makeup – Face Paint, Lips: Bella Vetro Toast – [mock]

Nails/Jewelry: Milky Way Nails and Rings – Mandala

Boots: Megas Boots White – TEN”10

The Runway Perfect Hunt Styling 1

I like to challenge myself sometimes to see how many of my designers I can feature in a single post.  I consider it a personal styling challenge in and of itself.  This post came together so effortlessly with 6 designers’ offerings as part of The Runway Perfect hunt, plus one lovely ethnic hair from EMO-tions. I’ve been getting compliments on this outfit all day as I’ve been out and about continuing my hunting.  The textures are luscious and the Silken Moon skin is just luminous.


Hair: Naomi Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Skin: Stella Dark Timewarp (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Silken Moon

Eye Makeup: TRPH3 Black and White (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – White Widow

Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Toast – [mock]

Pants and Top: Pantalon Pants and Pull Top (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Ala Folie

Necklace: Petale Choker (The Runway Perfect Hunt) – Tres Beau

Earrings/Bracelet/Purse: From the Betty Outfit (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – CHG Fashion

Pose: PRH Female 1 (The Runway Perfect Hunt) – Morphine Poses

The Runway Perfect Hunt – Edition 3

October 1st it kicks off, round three of The Runway Perfect Hunt.  As many of you know, I tend to be very selective when it comes to hunts, but the reason The Runway Perfect Hunt continues to be a favorite of mine is quite simply…there ain’t no junk.  Morgane Batista, who sponsors this event, is a model herself, with an eye for quality items and top designers.  As busy as we can be RL and SL, it is nice to know in advance that what you are hunting for will be worth your time.  This is a zero linden hunt, to make the offer all the sweeter, and you can collect all the clues and meet the designers at the main event site so that when October hits, you will be ready to snag some wonderful items as you tour the stores of these many talented individuals and hopefully fall in love with all their work.

Stay tune for some great mix and match ups featuring hunt items from The Runway Perfect Hunt coming to my blog soon. Here is the taxi to your first hunt location as of Monday, October 1st.