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Ethereal Serenity

I love it when a dress lives up to its name, and Ethereal Serenity from The White Armory does just that.  The bodice is reminiscent of a Greek Goddess, the skirt is flowing princess perfection in tone on tone white damask trimmed in gold, sure to make you shine.

TWA Ethereal Serenity


Gown: Ethereal Serenity – The White Armory

Hair: Poem Soil – Son!a

Necklace: Bogato Necklace – glow

Makeup: Aphrodite Smoke – Face Paint

Pose: Everglow


The White Armory – Arwen Evenstar Gown and upcoming show

I recently had a fun evening out with the family to see “The Hobbit.”  This Tolkien classic in book form was my first foray into the medieval/fantasy genre back when I had just turned 13, and I have been a diehard fan or all things fantasy and magical ever since.  Noting the many cameos from some of “The Lord of the Ring” cast, I had wondered if we would also see Liv Tyler, playing Arwen, who I think makes the perfect elf. I won’t tell you if I did or I didn’t, as you may wish to see the movie, but I was nonetheless inspired to style up Bee Dumplings Arwen Evenstar gown, from The White Armory in homage.

With arm drapes reminiscent of calla lilies, floaty lavender chiffon, waterfall sleeves, and a sparkle here and there that makes me think of fireflies at dusk, this is elven glamour at its best.

And for more fantasy and fashion, mark your calendars now for The White Armory’s Winter Wonderland show, scheduled for January 19th, at 2pm.  Tp to the store, then take a teleport up to the Ice Fantasy Platform.

TWA Arwen Eventide Close

Finishing this look is delicate diamond Delphine jewelry from Virtual Impressions, matching Bouquet eye makeup from White Widow and a fancy updo from Son!a.  Although, I think I still need to add elf ears to my shopping list for the next go around.

TWA Arwen Eventide Full


Gown: Arwen Elvenstar Gown – The White Armory

Jewelry: Delphine – Virtual Impressions

Hair: Mon Ange Soil – Son!a

Makeup: Bouquet Silver – White Widow, Pandora Mizu Thunderbird – [mock], Lipgloss 2 Rose – Izzie’s

Of Myth and Legend

Terelyn is mostly retired from modeling these days, with one exception, I am proud to be a White Armory model, and that is a commitment I thoroughly enjoy and continue to honor.  So when Bee Dumpling, comes out with something outstanding, which is all too often, my active model, Nyree,  just has to step down for a piece so that Terelyn can showcase some White Armory magic.

Bee’s newest series is Of Myth and Legend, and the opulence of the fabrics and the detail are certainly worthy of legend.  I am just enamored with the many patterns and fabrics in a color combination she simply calls Seafoam.  This is a gown of many layers, starting with a silvery underskirt, topped by a polka-dot satin overskirt in pale seafoam and tan.  On top of that is a tiered half skirt in taupe and dutch blue draped into a waterfall bustle.  The bodice neatly mixes the two primary skirt patterns, and the whole ensemble is trimmed in soft creams and golds.  This is a princess-worthy gown, so elegant and lovely.  You can see all the color variations of this gown at The White Armory and take yourself back to a time Of Myth and Legend.

Playing with the golds and creams of the gown, I had to add some flowers to my hair.  I’ve also chosen accessories as a modern take on “the lady of the manor,” who was entrusted with a ring of keys to the castle.  My version is LaGyo’s Padlock necklace of pearls, with a gold medallion and set of keys.


Gown:  Of Myth and Legend Gown in Seafoam – The White Armory

Hair: Diva2 in Black Amber – D!va Hair

Necklace: Padlock Necklace – LaGyo

Makeup: Eye Makeup Light Blue & Lip Gloss Natural 1 – Izzie’s

Ancestor of Avalon

The mists part as you crest the hill, sunlight just breaking over the valley beneath you, and there below, the gleaming walls of Avalon.  Dressed in your courtly best, and ready for a royal ball, your carriage descends into this land of dreams and romance.

The Ancestor of Avalon gown by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory is a gown that commands attention with its soft blend of grey/blue silk, soft wedgewood-blue tone-on-tone satin and white chiffon.  It is a vision of luxury and feminine grace, rife with many look-at-me details, like the white satin rose at the waist, the rear bustle and back bow, and tiered skirts with silver-jeweled trim.  In this gown, you are ready to take the kingdom by storm.



Gown: Ancestor of Avalon – The White Armory

Hair: Marquise – Osmose

Makeup: Eye Candy – Madrid Solo, and Budding Love Mizu Lipgloss – [mock]

Jewelry: Sofia Jewelry in Diamond and Sapphire – Virtual Impressions

Shoes: White Wedding Gown Stilettos – Wetherby’s

Poses: Diesel Works

Back to my roots – RP, Fantasy, and The White Armory

It was MY first runway show.  It was HER first runway show.  I remember it so well still, casting to walk in Bee Dumpling’s very first show for The White Armory back in 2010.  She was one of the main reasons I had wanted to model, aspiring to work with the designer I loved so much, having been a medieval roleplayer for over 2 years before entering the fashion scene in SL.  I was then, and still am, a diehard connossier of White Armory fashion.

With her hand painted textures that resemble real life luxury fabrics, and her eye for detail, this award-winning designer’s work is heralded for its beauty both in the rp arena as well as high fashion formal, fantasy, and themed wear.  A perfect example of this is Bee’s newest Juliet gown in French Pink.  Glowing pink/purple satin with silver embroidery, medallion and detailing.  Such beauty is sure to bring your Romeo running.

This is Bee’s Relay For Life offering available through mid-June, so you can enjoy a stunning gown and also know that you are contributing to the fight against cancer.  Also featured, some of the lovely new offerings at The Beauty Festival going on now through May 25, including; Sasha Blossom Lipstick from MONS and nails by PIDIDDLE.


Gown: Juliet in French Pink – Relay For Life – The White Armory

Lipstick: Sasha in Blossom – Beauty Festival exclusive – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Nails: Manicure 1 – Beauty Festival exclusive – PIDIDDLE at the Beauty Festival

Eye Makeup: Spring Fever – Madrid Solo

Hair: Watson – LeLutka

Necklace: Aludra – Rozoregalia

Pose: Avante Poses