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Fall In Love with Contrast

While styling the other day, I found myself in an interesting conversation with a designer friend.  In a nutshell, we came to the agreement that a contrast is better than a match, so that each piece stands out in its best light.

The people in our lives are like that too.  A contrast is more compatible than an exact match.  I know for myself, I am a terrible procrastinator, often because I spend so much time planning, it leaves me in a scramble to get things done.  I don’t need another person in my life with that matching trait.  I need the contrast of a spontaneous person who is willing to wing it a little, break me out of my rut, and help me get moving and experiencing.  And they don’t need someone just like them, for that matter.  Living all for today would mean getting blindsided by a tomorrow they aren’t prepared for.  So embrace the contrasts in the people you love.  Don’t try to make them act like you.  It is those differences you fell in love with so that each of you can shine in your own unique way.

Here’s another contrast for you.  A wonderful event called Fall In Love, coordinated by Finesmith Muse Inspiration Week 7, Winter Zhukovsky.  And despite her name, she has created a fall shopping wonderland that is so autumny you can smell the apple cider.

Finesmith - Love Fall Poster

From November 23rd until November 30th, 35 leading designers have come together, many offering event exclusives.  Additionally, a fashion show displaying these designs is planned on November 26 at 4pm.  Hunt items courtesy of Finesmith are also tucked here and there, so you can combine your shopping and hunting in one place. Here is your TAXI.

And speaking of contrasts, while the event theme is a color-filled autumn, in honor of our coordinator Winter, here are two cozy Shine by [ZD] event offerings, but with a winter themed twist.

Shine Angelina5

Shine Angelina FIL


Jacket: Angelina Jacket Pink & Black – shine by [ZD] at the Fall in Love event

Dress/Belt: Mica Rollneck Dress Black – shine by [ZD] at the Fall in Love event

Makeup: Frosted Elegance Silver – Shellac

Earrings: Tamara Earrings – Ben’s Beauty at fi*friday until 11/28

Boots: Cantebury boots Burgandy – Loodes of London

Tights: Poka Dot Tights Grey – Cannibelle

Bag: Elephant Bag Dark Grey – Toki Doki at The Dressing Room Fusion

Hair: Rasberry Beret – Exile

Poses: Liz – Imeka at Kustom9

Landscaping: Two Moon Gardens


Dippin Dots

One of my favorite treats at amusement parks has always been the Dippin Dots; miniscule little ice cream balls in multiple flavors that make me feel like I’m eating a futuristic dessert.  These Color Dots shorts and hairband from Eyelure remind me of my love for Dippin Dots, as they are both fun and sweet.  Plus, they are on special  right now until Saturday at the Fashion Loft, located above Eyelure.

Additionally, a visit to the amusement park wouldn’t be complete without some face painting and balloons, and with the help of Face Paint and Wasabi Pills, I can enjoy them as well, all combined into one playful outfit that can’t help but make you smile.


Hair: Up in the Hair with color-change balloons – Wasabi Pills

Hairband: Color Dots Hairband – Eyelure

Makeup: CoooooL Man – Face Paint

Shorts: Balloon Shorts Color Dots – Eyelure – on special through Friday,, July 6 at the Fashion Loft

Sweater: Summer Nights Cardigan Orange – Toki-Doki

Shirt: Lovely Chiffon White – Atomic

Necklace: Indian Necklace – [glow] Studio

Pose: Carnival Pack (balloons included, but not shown) – Focus Poses