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Letting go

You’ve been letting me go, little by little for a while now, and I’ve been moving away.  You’ve been my temporary home, and in that time, more of a partner to me than others who vowed to love me till death parted us, but left far sooner.  You’ve never promised this to me, nor I to you, and yet you’ve shown your commitment to me in myriad ways, mostly by letting me be me, and loving me despite my quirks.

With you, I feel safe emotionally.  Safe enough to gradually…ever so gradually…let you go, because it is time, and I need to, even if I still love you.  We’ve both seen it coming, the love still there, but the reality of a future together dimming.  The gentle pulling away, spending more time living separate lives, clinging together briefly in moments of passion and panic, as though trying to reassure each other that it isn’t ending, but knowing in our hearts what is on the horizon.  Don’t speak of it…let’s not speak of it aloud.

shine-sharp casuals

Sometimes love isn’t enough, when what each one wants in life is so different. And still we love for today…letting go a little more each day, knowing there will come a day, in the not so distant future, when there is that last kiss goodbye, that final embrace, and then just feeling lost for a time without the other, hoping that what we had can eventually become an abiding friendship as we both move on to whatever life holds for us.

No…don’t speak of it today.  Don’t say it aloud, because today, I am still here.  You are still here.  We will love for today and let tomorrow unfold as it will.

shine-sharp casuals near


On Nyree:

Shirt: Girl’s Slim Mesh T Pastel Green – shine by [ZD]

Shorts: Mesh Girls Cargo Shorts Brown – shine by [ZD]

Necklace: Burst Necklace Carnelian and Silver – HANDverk

Lashes: Long Prim Lashes – Face Paint

Liner: NIC Perfect Liner Black – Face Paint

Lips: NIC Perfect Gloss – Face Paint

Hair/Hat: Lola Mesh Hair Chocolate – Wasabi Pills

Shoes: Sabia Espadrilles Linen – Tabloid

On Darion:

Shirt: Mesh Vintage Tee Plum – sharp by [ZD]

Shorts: Summer Cargo Shorts color-change – JLB Apparel

Hat/Hair: Boy/Girl 18 – Dura

Necklace: Men’s Happiness Choker Chaine – Wicked Gear

Scene: Mangrove Tree Bridge – Rustica

Pose: Follow – Glitterati



You can’t be a model without a little bit of vanity, so why not add a fun prop to play dress up with, from Circa Living.  Circa Living has recently come out with a whole slew of different vanity styles.  They look great in a bathroom or bedroom, and comes with all kinds of assorted makeup, mirror, and brush props, along with a chair full of primping poses, so you can beautify your avatar into a supermodel.  Plus, the counter top is color-change to match any decor.

I also had to try out Molichino’s Haley tunic in yet another color, but styled more like a silk robe to coordinate with Handverk’s Water Pumps, available at Zodiac for Aquarius.  The heels look like a water urn being poured, and the flow of water is the stiletto portion of the heel, very cute and clever.

Circa LivingVanity and Handverk Aquarius Pumps


Vanity/makeup props/chair: Atria Vanity (Home & Garden exclusive) – Circa Living

Dress: Haley in Sapphire – Molichino

Shoes: Water Pump – Handverk for Aquarius at Zodiac

Bra: Catalina Lingerie Set in Raven – The Sea Hole

Hair: Veronica Black Coffee – Wasabi Pills

Makeup: Eartha – Face Paint

Earrings: Cougar (group gift) – Finesmith

A little birdie told me

I’ve been catching up with the local gossip via the birds and the bees.  No…not THOSE birds and bees.  Such a dirty mind you have *tut, tuts.*  Pixies really do talk to the neighboring “winged things.”  *smirks impishly and does a dragon roll, following the sparrow for more juicy gossip.*  That little birdie is always “in the know.”  Beats the newspaper any day.  By the way…she says you need to hurry over to the Crystal Hunt.  Only 5 days left.


Outfit: Fleurs Petite (The Crystal Hunt) – Fallen Gods at Petites Kingdom

Rose: Petite Garden Rose w/8 Animated poses (The Crystal Hunt) – Tinkers at Petites Kingdom

Hair: Anais Rye – Wasabi Pills

Bird: Stuffed Bird Pink A – HappyMood

Dippin Dots

One of my favorite treats at amusement parks has always been the Dippin Dots; miniscule little ice cream balls in multiple flavors that make me feel like I’m eating a futuristic dessert.  These Color Dots shorts and hairband from Eyelure remind me of my love for Dippin Dots, as they are both fun and sweet.  Plus, they are on special  right now until Saturday at the Fashion Loft, located above Eyelure.

Additionally, a visit to the amusement park wouldn’t be complete without some face painting and balloons, and with the help of Face Paint and Wasabi Pills, I can enjoy them as well, all combined into one playful outfit that can’t help but make you smile.


Hair: Up in the Hair with color-change balloons – Wasabi Pills

Hairband: Color Dots Hairband – Eyelure

Makeup: CoooooL Man – Face Paint

Shorts: Balloon Shorts Color Dots – Eyelure – on special through Friday,, July 6 at the Fashion Loft

Sweater: Summer Nights Cardigan Orange – Toki-Doki

Shirt: Lovely Chiffon White – Atomic

Necklace: Indian Necklace – [glow] Studio

Pose: Carnival Pack (balloons included, but not shown) – Focus Poses

Dance the Wild Fairy Dance

Fantasy Faire April 21-29th…NOT just for Fairies

Come and play as the wild fairies play

In a magical circle, a fairy ring.

You won’t want to leave and forever you’ll stay

Where the vision is bright as spring.

Come and dance the wild fairy dance

Spin in a circle as fast as light

Once you begin you are caught in a trance

And the world can grow old in a single night.

Full song: Wild Fairy Dance by Gary Stadler



Wings: Maiestre Wings 10 Pack (RFL Item) – Material Squirrel

Dress: Cerridwen RFL Edition – ::{Elysium}::

Eye Makeup:  RFL Edition – ::{Elysium}::

Lipstick:Soft Kisses 1 – Madrid Solo

Hair: Lys – Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Cycle Set in Amethyst – PurpleMoon – Tropicalia Bazaar

Pose: Manifeste

Styling: Note- All locations are Fantasy Faire locations

Wings: Funky Butterfly Wings (RFL Item) – Pyewicket’s Myths & Mythos

Outfit: Melisell – Fantasy Faire – Elvenbreath

Jewelry: Selva on Earth set in Brown – PurpleMoon

Hair: Mademoiselle Butterfly – Osmose

Pose: “Do You Believe” – Wetcat Poses


Skin: ND/MD Faith Skin – Vamp w/Teeth (RFL Item) – ND/MD Fantasy Skins & Shapes

Wings: Rainbow Wings (RFL Item) – Pyewicket’s Myths & Mythos

Dress: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Hair: Chignon – Osmose

Pose: Corpus


Wings: Harmony Wings with Swirls Petite (RFL Item) – Material Squirrel

Dress: Petite Spring Fairy – Angelwing

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh – Wasabi Pills

Pose: Rook Poses

Start your day the Pixie way

Everyday when I wake up, I lay in bed a moment to listen to the nature sounds.  I hear the birds chirping a good morning to the sunshine and I watch the butterflies flitting outside my hideaway, chasing away the dew.

I get up to gently cover the firefly lamps, both inside and outside, and whisper to the fireflies that it’s time for them to sleep.

Then, I climb into my walnut chair and say a little prayer.  “Oh spirits of nature, please tell me how to be the best pixie I can be,” I murmur reverently…then I listen and I wait.  And I listen…and I wait *wings twitch, squirming in my seat*  And…I listen *wings buzz in irritation*  Grrr…and I wait *lips draw into a pretty pout of impatience.*

And then, I stop listening…and I stop waiting too.  I’m not good at it anyway…the listening or waiting.  And those nature spirits…they never say anything, anyway.  But then *wings perk and face brightens*  I realize why.  You just can’t improve on perfection *laughs bells and flits off*  May your day be filled with mischief and mayhem. ~Minx~


Fantasy Faire RFL Specials:

Petite Hideaway (Fantasy Faire RFL) – Dragon Magick Wares (mainstore) & Fantasy Faire  (April 21-29)

Light Post Silver w/butterflies and fireflies (Fantasy Faire RFL) – Dragon Magick Wares (mainstore) & Fantasy Faire (April 21-29)

Furniture: Walnut Autumn Bed, Walnut Meditation Chair, Sunflower Side-table w Fireflies – Fuzzy Cheeks’s Store (by Bullet Admiral)

Dress: Petite’s Tye Dye Rainbow – Tragic Beauty

Wings: Custom mod

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh in Rye – Wasabi Pills

Pixies don’t get drunk, they get “sugared”

Here comes Minxy Cottontail….fluttering down the pixie trail.  It is a little known fact, that pixies can drink with the best of the big folks and still have wings to fly.  But we do have one weakness.  You see…pixies don’t get drunk, we get “sugared.”  And this weekend…oh joy…is Easter.  Time to play hide an seek with eggs, basket tip, and indulge in CHOCOLATE, oh sweet confection of the gods.  It is party central for pixies this Sunday. I’m all set for the holiday in my bunny costume.  I have some goodies for me, and some for you big folk.  No…I take that back.  I have some for me…and some for…heeheee….MEEEEEE! Mine…mine….MINE *brandishes her hatpin and assumes her Zorro pose in front of the basket laughing bells.*  Seems a little pixie we know has already been indulging.

Style Card:

Skin/Shape: Petite Cream – Mynerva

Hair: Dragon Petite Mesh-Rye – Wasabi Pills

Outfit: Petite Easter Bunny – Glamorous Sin

Basket w/poses: Easter Spill – Rook Poses