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Paint Your World

What a fun time I had exploring Cica Ghost’s black and white *Cica* sim. It is the perfect backdrop to showcase fun, bright clothing and accessories that just leap off the page.

I’m feeling painterly in a bright multi-hued wrap dress from Lush Limited, artsy accessories from HANDverk, and playful blue rhapsody shoes from BSD Design Studio.  I even have a smattering of freckles, thanks to Face Paint’s new Pippi makeup.

It is also a reminder that life is our canvas…leave your mark.  Bring some color into someone’s life.  Be an individual that stands out, rather than blends in.  Childlike is not childish…never lose your joy.  So many metaphors to be found from one awesomely creative sim.


Dress: Wrap It Up Dress in blood/plum/blue – Lush Limited

Earrings: Brush earrings blue period/silver – HANDverk at FaMESHed

Necklace: Palette bolo standard/silver – HANDverk at L’accessoires

Art Accessories: Paint Palette and Paint Brush – HANDverk at FaMESHed

Shoes: Blue Rhapsody – BSD Design Studio at L’accessoires

Makeup: Pippi mauve w blush – Face Paint

Hair: Jessica flames – EMO-tions

Hat: Velvet Purple Cap – BAOBA at L’accessoires for Black Friday

Poses: Daisey and Prima Donna – Diesel Works,  Down Low – WetCat

Location: *Cica*


Armani Inspiration – Mohna Lisa Couture

Some of the hardest style challenges I’ve received in SL have been to style based on inspiration from a particular designer.  It is often easy to find a picture of what you want to create, but locating the components of that look in SL and piecing it together is where the true challenge comes in.

Well this time around, Mohna Lisa Couture has made it easy, with an elegant rendition of an Armani gown, the Armani Wildflower.  I am a diehard Armani fan, so I had to have this dress, and while one would expect such luscious cream lace to be on a bridal gown, the shape of this gown is ultra sexy, yet ever feminine.  Mohna gave it some wonderful added character and originality with a teasing peak of lavender on the hem, and what truly blows me away, this was his first foray into jewelry making.

Yes…this mesh dress, comes complete with all the jewelry seen in the picture, a golden multi-jeweled collar, bracelets, ear jewels and jeweled monocle.  As one who likes to mix and match, I can well see myself re-wearing this jewelry with other outfits as well.   This stunning gown is stand-alone beautiful, and absolutely the easiest styling challenge to date.


Gown & Jewelry: Armani Wildflower – Mohna Lisa Couture

Hair:  Jean Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Couture Eyeliner – Glam Affair

Lips: Lucir Lip Color Grape Stomp – [mock]

Poses:  Falbala and Adle Set – WetCat

Playing Hookie

Sometimes you have one of those “manic Mondays” and you are all dressed up for the day, and at the last minute you think to yourself; “I really don’t feel like working today.  I think I’ll play hookie.”  Every now and again, I think it is fine to take an unplanned day for yourself, to indulge a little and grab some “me time.”  So me and the beagle went out for a mint hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  I’m looking like a schoolgirl out playing hookie in my layered knit top from ColdLogic and a tweedy Taffy skirt from Molichino.

I did bring my Ipad case along, however, so maybe I will still get some work done afterall.


Hair: Wish – elikatira

Top: Flockhart marine – ColdLogic

Skirt: Taffy Skirt black – Molichino

Eye Makeup: Ensemble Eyes silver – Madrid Solo

Lips: L’eau Castro Lip Gloss 2 – [mock]

Earrings: Plume earrings color-change – LaGyo at Collabor88

IPad Case: My Ipad case orange – BSD Design Studio

Belt: Double Coin Belt – BoHo HoBo

Socks: Over-knee Socks Aqua – Izzie’s

Shoes: Spectator Slipper black – Volstead at Cinema 2012

Poses:  Falbala Set – WetCat

Cinema Styling 2 – Film Noir

I should have seen she was nothing but trouble by the way she sashayed in, with that sultry look, the partial veil only adding to her mystery, and her desperate plea that someone was trying to frame her for murder. She said she needed an investigator, someone who could prove her innocence, and I bought it, hook, line, and sinker.  She made me feel needed and fiercely protective.  She made me smoke from the wanting of her, but what she was really wanted was a “fall guy.”

Film Noir, the black and white age of dark murder mystery, femme fatales, and intrigue is captured so well in this outfit, a wonderful mix of  designs “playing now” at Cinema 2012 through the 31st.  Here’s your ticket to a bit of steamy mystique.


Scarf: Chiffon Hood Scarf Sheer – Shi. at Cinema (Film Noir)

Outfit: Parisian Metro – Indyra Originals at Cinema (Film Noir)

Shoes: Charleston Slipper Black – Volstead at Cinema (Romance)

Hair: Memory Black – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Mix and Match Glamour Girl (Blue) – Face Paint

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Lips Red – Izzie’s

Pose: Adle Runway Set – WetCat

Boyfriend Sweater

It was a brisk summer night near the water, and I was walking hand in hand with that man I love.  He noticed me shiver.  Was it from the evening breeze, or just because he was near?  No matter, he took off his sweater and wrapped it around my shoulders.  At the end of the evening, I could have given it back, but it was warm and smelled like him.  So I pretended to “forget,” so I could stay wrapped in him just a little longer.



Hair: Amanda Dark Brown – DeLa

Sweater/Tank Combo: Weslyn Green – Strip’d

Jeans: Mesh Flare Jeans #5 – Maitreya

Jewelry: By the Sea Charm Necklace – Yummy

Makeup: Eartha no lip – Face Paint

Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Toast – [mock]

Pose: Heart String – WetCat at The Pink Ribbon Fair

Backdrop: Coastal Set – PNP


Hair: Ammiel Light Brown – MaDesigns Hair (KMADD)

Shirt: Group Gift June – Gizza

Jeans: Male Jeans – Gizza

Let’s Go Charleston

Automobiles, moving pictures, art deco, jazz, and a breaking with tradition was what the “roaring ’20’s” was all about.  The Flapper helped redefine the face of modern womanhood, as women earned their right to vote and ushered in a time of self-expression with a touch of defiance in attitude, lifestyle, and fashion.  Fashion of the 1920’s is as much trend as social statement, as it was out with the corsets and long skirts, and in with comfortable flowing dresses meant to be danced in.  Jules by Molichino, is true 1920’s Flapper inspiration, with tiers of ruffles over a lacy tank silhouette.  This dress says “let’s go Charleston.”


Dress: Jules Midnight Blue – Molichino at the Vintage Fair

Hair: Rebeca Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Hat: Aradia Hat Blue – Bliss Couture

Earrings & Ring: Flapper Set – Amarelo Manga

Makeup: Barbie Makeup 2 – Face Paint

Lips: Rose Taupe Lipshine – [mock]

Shoes: Haru Stilettos in Blue – PurpleMoon

Pose: “My Paula” – WetCat at the Vintage Fair

Picasso Perception

Art blurs the lines between the real and the unreal.  Picasso for example, had a unique perspective that stretched the imagination to understand the muse behind his creations, and to see the world with new eyes.  His art, abstract and unconventional, also evokes emotion.  Most either love it or hate it.

The art of fashion also can evoke emotion, and I immediately thought of artwork whenever I saw Evolve’s new mesh So Emotional dress.  With its painterly splashes of color in rich jeweled hues on a golden backdrop, it made me want to pose.  It also opened up some dizzying color accent options, which I absolutely love.

I pulled the blues and teals out of the dress with my PurpleMoon Cora Hat, added some funky blue lipstick from Izzie’s, and a Milk Motion clutch.  PurpleMoon’s Selva feathered necklace really pulled this look  together for me though, with its graduated colors moving from teal, to grey, to white, to blue.  The freedom to play and combine creatively in SL let’s us all dabble at being artists.


Dress: So Emotional Mesh Dress #1 – Evolve

Jewelry: Selva in the Blues set – PurpleMoon

Hat: Cora Hat in Dark Blue – PurpleMoon

Clutch: My Clutch Bag – Milk Motion

Lipstick: Masquerade Makeup Lips in Blue – Izzie’s

Eyeshadow: Love Cycle Eyeshadow One – [mock]

Liner:  Natural liner and lash – Face Paint

Hair: BAD980 in Chocolate – booN

Shoes: Tresor X-tremeHeel in Gold – N-Core

Poses: Falbala and Runway Set 5 – WetCat exclusives for One Voice