Blogging Philosophy

Fashion blogging to me is more than pretty pictures and style cards, though that is certainly a part of it…it is mostly about creativity and passion.  As a result, you will see a few different themes played out in these pages.  First, mix and match… to inspire those creative juices and perhaps help you see individual pieces in a new light.  Second, showcasing….to excite and introduce you to designers, new releases, and events.  In each case…I will share with you what I believe makes a piece, ensemble, or event I’m spotlighting special and worthy of my attention and yours.  Finally, different designs will often spark memories or emotions for me, and I love telling a story with my pictures or capturing a mood, sharing some of my memories, learnings, and life philosophy, or even crafting a fun role play-like tale in the pages of my posts. I look forward to sharing my musings with you.

Nyree Soulstar/Minx Abonwood/Terelyn Catronis

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