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Ever since my SL love became my RL love, I don’t wear near as much lingerie out here anymore.  However, when I saw Voluptia’s new Revival lingerie, I knew I just had to have it, because it is absolutely smexy, as my SL brother would say.

It’s all the little peekaboo details that make this set so smexy, like the purple eyelet trim, the patch of skin peeping out below the waist of the garter belt, and the booty-shorts panty.  Then, the fabric itself is just lovely.  I am wearing the Regal print, in a mix of purple, blue and aqua jewel tones, the colors of royalty.  I think the bra top on its own could be beautiful under a tailored jacket with the bow peeking out to add a touch of sex appeal and femininity.  The set also comes with a pair of stockings to go with the garters.

Also smexy are my pouty lips, compliments of Eyelure‘s new Petal Soft Lips.  This particular color gives the illusion of nude lips, but the subtle shading gives your mouth a pouty fullness that can’t be resisted, or so I hope.  Because maybe, just maybe, if I show my RL guy some lovely boudoir pics of me waiting for him, he will come back out to SL again to play, instead of just glancing over my shoulder periodically to see what I’m up to out here on the computer.  I’ve got my bedroom eyes on and my fingers crossed.


Lingerie: Revival lingerie in Regal – Voluptia

Hair: Tempest in Drift – Exile, Hairbase: Hairbase Curls – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Pink Union Eyeshadow Blue – [mock]

Lips: Petal Soft Lips 4 – Eyelure

Bracelet: Aster Bracelet Blue Sea – mE.

Ring: Pansy Tropical Ring – mE.

Shoes: Alluring Stiletto Pink – Mary Jane Shoes

Poses: Pic 1 – Chuan Pack – PNP, Pic 2 – LA Vintage Lounger – LostAngel Industries


Style like you have 100K in your pocket – MVW Day 2

Assignment for Miss Virtual World Academy Day 2 – Chic Casual Modern Model. Imagine you were on 5th avenue with $100,000 to spend on an amazingly chic casual understated look.

So here I am….stopping traffic. I channeled my inner J-Lo and Kim Kardashian for this styling challenge.  Luxurious fabrics and accessories was what I was after, so I started with a skirt I had in inventory that I just love, love, love from Zaara, in a blend of ivory linen and swishy silk, with a belted, high-waist.  For a morning fresh look, I kept my blouse simple, feminine, and summery, selecting a scarf halter top in a lovely geometric print and soft colors from Leezu.

Of course I needed a purse to carry all my lindens and a spritz of expensive cologne before leaving the house (if you inhale deeply and use your imagination, I bet you can smell it right through the computer).  Then the first stop of the day was the booN salon, for a casually intricate updo to display my pretty earrings. Now I’m ready for 5th Avenue, with perhaps a scone and latte on the way to keep my energy up.

And…the results of MVW Day 2…..Frolic said he’d open his shop doors to me, but just barely (not quite what I’d expected, but he didn’t elaborate).  He said he loved the lips, it was much better.  Then….GASP….he called me CUTE!  Now, cute in the real world is a compliment.  Sadly, in much of the modeling world, it is NOT.  Models are to be glamourous or fierce, not cute.  Cute is only acceptable in the fashion industry when combined with attitude.  So, I will need to un-cute myself.


Hair: UAN168 in Chocolate – booN

Blouse: Cloe Top in green – Leezu

Skirt: Larin Skirt in Ivory – Zaara

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Earrings: LBD Gold Ethnic Earrings (Part of the Ethnic outfit) – Bare Rose

Bag: Resort Satchel Sky – Leverocci

Makeup: Opal Lipcolor Contessa – [mock]

Poses: Corpus and Manifeste

Style like the model you are – MVW Day 1

Some of you know from previous posts that even though I’ve been modeling awhile, with the switch to Nyree, she needed her own credentials.  So I sent her back to school, selecting Amici Modeling Agency and Academy and also Miss Virtual World Academy.  I figured, between the two of them, if there was anything I didn’t know already, my “I’s” would be dotted and my “T’s” crossed by the time I graduated from both of them.  Friday was Day 1 of the highly anticipated and sometimes feared MVW 105 with Frolic.

I had heard many horror stories, not the least of which was that Frolic could make you cry, so naturally I had a few slight jitters upon arrival.  Despite that, I went in with an open mind,  because I very much wanted to learn, grow, and improve.  I believe Frolic’s candidness, even if a bit harsh at times, is in fact, why his critiques are so valid.  He plainly knows the industry and we need to understand that we won’t be coddled when we are out in the big sea of SL fashion.

We were asked to style in a fashion that represented the type of model we believe we are.  Since my style is trendy/casual, but with a dash of class and glamour,  I chose Kimmera Madison’s new mesh dress, Faces, with its bold colors and country club hat to die for.

This is how I imagine Audrey Hepburn might dress if she had been born in the current day and age, still looking iconic, but at the same time trendy and modern.  To create this look, I focused on an inter-play of primary colors with black accents for a touch of classic with a bit of pop.

On Day 1, Frolic said I looked like a model (yay! and brow wipe), and that he could tell I watch current RL fashion trends (woot…research is never in vain), although he felt my lips looked like they’d been stung by bees and were much too exaggerated.   So, I am gratified with the results of this first round, have taken his suggestions to heart, and my lips are getting a mini makeover for the next day.  Guess I will have to rely on lipstick for a pouty look going forward, but will keep you posted on whether the new lip shape gets the nod on Day 2.


Outfit: Faces Mesh Dress (Group Gift for June) – Tres Beau

Hair: Marshmallow – LOQ

Necklace: Forbidden Love  – Finesmith

Earrings: Black Spinel & Diamond Earrings – Chop Zuey

Clutch: Handbag Yellow – Finesmith

Bracelet: Fashion Black Bangles – Amour Fashion

Shoes: Mana Miranda Wedge Red – Nardcotix

Makeup: KissKiss Lipcremes Cherry Red – Eyelure,  and Love Cycle Eyeshadow – [mock]

Nails: Mandala

Couture fashion show brought to you by Amici and Lillou’s Designs

Celebrate Second Life’s 9th Birthday by joining Amici Modeling Agency & Academy as they showcase the lovely couture creations of Lillou Merlin of Lillou’s Designs. The show begins at 6.15 pm slt on Friday 22nd of June.  Here is your taxi to the show.

This week long birthday celebration is hosted by the Music Hall of Fame and includes music, games, and much more.

Here is just a small sampling of two of the beautiful creations Lillou’s Designs and Amici will be featuring at the show.  So much more to see from Lillou’s Designs, so be sure to join them at the Amici stage  tonight, Friday, June 22nd at 6.15pm slt.

Picture by: Alexandra Tuxing Barbosa (aka Tintin Tuxing)


Cara Vespucciano-Grantham

Gown: Isabelle in Purple – Lillou’s Designs

Bracelet/Earrings/Ring: LW Exaltaition in Black and White – Chop Zuey

Necklace:  LW The Great Healer Necklace in Black and White – Chop Zuey

Shoes: Extreme High Heels in Black – N-Core

Makeup: Just Gloss – Blackliquid

Nyree Soulstar

Gown: Georgia in Orange – Lillou’s Designs

Hair: Tyra – EMO-tions

Jewelry: Pearl’s Dream in White (part of the Anniversary Hunt going on now) – PurpleMoon

Shoes: Frilly Lace and Diamonds – TipToe

Lips: KissKiss Lipcremes in Apple – Eyelure

Eye Shadow: CB Makeup B3 – Step Inside

Go….go now!

For all you boho fans, modern day hippies, and gypies at heart, this is the place to go.  !gO! is one of my newest discoveries, and having a touch of gypsy in me, I want everything in the store.  !gO! is a mecca for casual bohemian and funky friendly fashion.  I’m wearing the blOOm mesh dress, which comes in so many wonderful prints you could wear it out or wear it to bed, depending on your selection.  This dress has comfort appeal, draping loose from spaghetti straps with big side pockets for some casual chic.  So go…go now, to !gO!, for some fresh new favorites for your wardrobe.

I’m also wearing one of the new mesh Secrets hairs called Whisper.  I love the face framing tendrils and big full ponytail under my huge floppy hat.  What I also love is that the new Secrets mesh hair is adjustable.  The skull portion of the hair is sculpted, so you can adjust it to fit your head, instead of having to adjust your head to the hair, and yet, the entire hair, mesh and all, is still one piece.  So not only is Whisper lovely and feminine in style, it is very user friendly for a mesh item.


Hat: Huge brim mesh hat in coral – Baiastice

Hair: Whisper in Sable – Secrets

Dress: blOOm dress – !gO!

Jewelry: Wanderer Jewelry Set in Wood Medley – League

Clutch: Box Clutch White – Coco Designs

Nails: Mandala

Eyeshadow: Paint Shimmer Shadow Brown – Face Paint

Lips: Ruby Ruby Lipshine – [mock]

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Poses: Model 74 – Focus Poses

Happy Summer…Happy Summer Separates

Today is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer.  So, happy summer to you all, and…happy summertime separates.  It is time for brights and lights, beginning with silky mesh Baila pants from Blueberry.  Available in solids and a variety of prints, these are flow-with-you pants that are casual enough to layer over your favorite bathing suit or silky top, like my Oasis Champagne Silk from AngelWing. Combined with a short-sleeved sweater from elly, and you should stay comfortable even with a breeze off the water.

Also catching the breeze is my summertime jewelry, including this wood and metal Wild necklace from LaGyo, and Lush Limited’s Geometry shutter earrings in cool shades of blue and green.  The  earrings remind me of Asian lattice-work,  and the set includes the silver nose stud to add just a touch of exotic to any outfit.  The Geometry set is on sale now at the Fashion Cache through Friday the 22nd.   Lush has also revamped their flagship store with many new seasonal offerings, so take the Lush Limited taxi to have a look at all their new goodies.


Bolero: Bolero in blue – elly

Blouse: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Pants: Baila Mesh Pants in Flowers in Orange – Blueberry

Earrings/Nose Stud: Geometry Shutter Earrings and Nose Ring – Lush Limited available at the Fashion Cache through June 22

Necklace: Wild Necklace – LaGyo

Belly Ring: Oasis Champagne Silks Belly Ring – Angelwing

Hair: Tiramisu – LOQ

Makeup: Ocean Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover – [mock]

Poses: Agapee

Backdrop: Coastal Pack – PNP

Beachy Keen Mix and Match

Mix and match is beachy keen at Sirias Fashion Room, where you can pick up multiple outfits for the price of one, and have a mix and match marathon with so many fun finds.  I let myself play, pulling pieces from several of the designers showcasing through end of this week at SFR, and I love the fun  results.  This outfit made me think about being on holiday, and EMO-tions Holiday hair was just the ticket, coming complete not only with color-change sunglasses, but a sunburn to boot.

Then, I had to share the most fun pose box/prop box that I’ve seen so far, WetCat’s Summer In a Box.  This is such a versatile fun-in-the sun pose set.  It is basically a beach in a box, complete with towel, cabana, palm trees and ocean backdrop.  In addition, 6 great poses are included with coordinating props like floppy hats, ice cream, even watermelon.  So much fun, and Psst… is the group gift for the month.


Hair, Sunglasses, Sunburn: Holiday in Brown – EMO-tions

Bolero: Part of the full Miso outfit  (which includes denim dress, belt, bolero,and boots) – GuiliaDesigns at Sirias Fashion Room

Shirt: Part of the full Manuelita outfit (which includes shirt, shorts, boots, and belt) – by Angela Ronsein at Sirias Fashion Room

Skirt: Part of the the full Betty outfit (which includes shirt, skirt, stilettos, and stockings) –  Meb at Sirias Fashion Room

Feet: Tip Toes Mesh Feet – Slink

Lipstick: Summer Sun 5 piece set (set comes with sunburn, freckle, and lip options) – Eyelure

Jewelry: Espressivo color-change bangles and necklace – WTG

Rings: Israel Independance Day Ring – Finesmith, Enigma Ring (part of the full Enigma set) – AB Creations at Sirias Fashion Room

Nails: Mandala

Poses/Backdrop/Props: Hat & Ice Cream: Summer in a Box – WetCat Group Gift