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Autism Awareness – Lighting the Way – Event Kickoff 6pm April 19th

Tonight kicks off the 3rd Annual event for Autism Awareness Lighting the Way 2013 with a fun biker’s theme. The It Girlz n Fellaz will be the kick off dance show for the benefit. This event runs April 19th through 21st and the events and times are listed below.  We are going to be dancing biker style and would love all of you to come join us as we perform in a one hour dance show as our gift to this most wonderful cause.  Showtime is 6pm to 7pm.  Here is your Taxi to the show.

Biker Chic Autism Awareness Event

Autism affects approximately 1 in every 150 children.  It is a group of complex developmental brain disorders that creates difficulties in social interactions, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. It can include learning disabilities, difficulties with motor coordination, and attention and physical health issues. The Autism Awareness event April 19th through the 21st brings awareness to this issue effecting many of our children today, and helps to raise funds, bringing together a host of entertainers and sponsors for you to visit during this weekend event. Please see the website for more info. http://autismawarenesslightingtheway.wordpress.com/what-is-autism/

Autism Awareness 2013 logo

All events will be held at the Autism Awareness Sim. Here is a snapshot of some of the events so you can plan your weekend. Additionally, 63 sponsors will be bringing you raffle boards with a custom Autism bike, gift cards and so much more.

**********  FRIDAY   APRIL 19TH, 2013  ********** 6pm – 7pm IT Girlz & Fellaz Dance Performance 7pm – 8pm Pepsi Moon Performing* 8pm – 10pm Marv Playing TheBlues

**********  SATURDAY  APRIL 20TH, 2013  ********** 8am-10am Macarius Vlodovic DJ’ing 10am – 12pm – Nan Ember DJ’ing *12pm – 1:30pm – Blazer Bowenford DJ’ing The Blues *2pm – 4pm – SLM Halestorm Concert *4:30pm – 5:30pm – VIFL Titan Angels Performance (cheering)* 6pm – 8pm – Tristain Savon DJ’ing * 8:30pm – 9:30pm – Rebel Yell Concert – Motley Crue

**********  SUNDAY  APRIL 21ST, 2013  ********** 8am-10am – Ambrosous Core DJ’ing *10am – 11:30pm – Grim Berger DJ’ing *12pm – 2pm – SLM Nickelback Concert  *3pm – 4pm – Marky Helstein – Live Performer * 4pm – 5pm – Maximillion Kleen – Live Performer *6pm – 8pm – Skylar Ragu DJ’ing * 8pm – 9:30pm – Flux Woyseck Dj’ing * 9:30pm – 10pm – Dante Couerblanc Doing Firework Show

So rev up your engines, break out your leather and join us to give to this worthy cause.


Hair: Vermouth Chocolate Copper – LOQ

Outfit: Aissia Black – JayDee Designs

Tattoo: Cast No Shadow tattoo – CoLLisions Tattoos & Accessories

Pose: Chuan – KaTink


Style like the model you are – MVW Day 1

Some of you know from previous posts that even though I’ve been modeling awhile, with the switch to Nyree, she needed her own credentials.  So I sent her back to school, selecting Amici Modeling Agency and Academy and also Miss Virtual World Academy.  I figured, between the two of them, if there was anything I didn’t know already, my “I’s” would be dotted and my “T’s” crossed by the time I graduated from both of them.  Friday was Day 1 of the highly anticipated and sometimes feared MVW 105 with Frolic.

I had heard many horror stories, not the least of which was that Frolic could make you cry, so naturally I had a few slight jitters upon arrival.  Despite that, I went in with an open mind,  because I very much wanted to learn, grow, and improve.  I believe Frolic’s candidness, even if a bit harsh at times, is in fact, why his critiques are so valid.  He plainly knows the industry and we need to understand that we won’t be coddled when we are out in the big sea of SL fashion.

We were asked to style in a fashion that represented the type of model we believe we are.  Since my style is trendy/casual, but with a dash of class and glamour,  I chose Kimmera Madison’s new mesh dress, Faces, with its bold colors and country club hat to die for.

This is how I imagine Audrey Hepburn might dress if she had been born in the current day and age, still looking iconic, but at the same time trendy and modern.  To create this look, I focused on an inter-play of primary colors with black accents for a touch of classic with a bit of pop.

On Day 1, Frolic said I looked like a model (yay! and brow wipe), and that he could tell I watch current RL fashion trends (woot…research is never in vain), although he felt my lips looked like they’d been stung by bees and were much too exaggerated.   So, I am gratified with the results of this first round, have taken his suggestions to heart, and my lips are getting a mini makeover for the next day.  Guess I will have to rely on lipstick for a pouty look going forward, but will keep you posted on whether the new lip shape gets the nod on Day 2.


Outfit: Faces Mesh Dress (Group Gift for June) – Tres Beau

Hair: Marshmallow – LOQ

Necklace: Forbidden Love  – Finesmith

Earrings: Black Spinel & Diamond Earrings – Chop Zuey

Clutch: Handbag Yellow – Finesmith

Bracelet: Fashion Black Bangles – Amour Fashion

Shoes: Mana Miranda Wedge Red – Nardcotix

Makeup: KissKiss Lipcremes Cherry Red – Eyelure,  and Love Cycle Eyeshadow – [mock]

Nails: Mandala

Happy Summer…Happy Summer Separates

Today is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer.  So, happy summer to you all, and…happy summertime separates.  It is time for brights and lights, beginning with silky mesh Baila pants from Blueberry.  Available in solids and a variety of prints, these are flow-with-you pants that are casual enough to layer over your favorite bathing suit or silky top, like my Oasis Champagne Silk from AngelWing. Combined with a short-sleeved sweater from elly, and you should stay comfortable even with a breeze off the water.

Also catching the breeze is my summertime jewelry, including this wood and metal Wild necklace from LaGyo, and Lush Limited’s Geometry shutter earrings in cool shades of blue and green.  The  earrings remind me of Asian lattice-work,  and the set includes the silver nose stud to add just a touch of exotic to any outfit.  The Geometry set is on sale now at the Fashion Cache through Friday the 22nd.   Lush has also revamped their flagship store with many new seasonal offerings, so take the Lush Limited taxi to have a look at all their new goodies.


Bolero: Bolero in blue – elly

Blouse: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Pants: Baila Mesh Pants in Flowers in Orange – Blueberry

Earrings/Nose Stud: Geometry Shutter Earrings and Nose Ring – Lush Limited available at the Fashion Cache through June 22

Necklace: Wild Necklace – LaGyo

Belly Ring: Oasis Champagne Silks Belly Ring – Angelwing

Hair: Tiramisu – LOQ

Makeup: Ocean Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover – [mock]

Poses: Agapee

Backdrop: Coastal Pack – PNP

Dance with the Shadows

As night drifts in, you can dance with the shadows in this elegant dress from Eluzion.  With sultry eye makeup from Madrid Solo and pouty lips from Eyelure, this ensemble lends an air of mystery as you sweep into evening as Queen of the Night.


Gown: Laylanni – Eluzion promo at Sirias Fashion Room 60L

Eye Makeup: Romance – Madrid Solo promo at Sirias Fashion Room 70L

Lips: KissKiss LipCremes Cherry Red – Eyelure

Hair: Malibu – LOQ

Earrings: Mother’s Song Black Diamond Spinel Earrings – Chop Zuey Mother’s Day Gift

Bracelet: Aesthetic Value Silver – Finesmith Landing Zone Gift

Nails: Mandala

Poses: Yael Set – The Muse Poses promo at October’s Trending Fashion Chamber

Avril – the full package tied with a bow

Sometimes you run across an outfit that needs no embellishment, and accessories would only detract from the beauty that is already there.  I fell in love with Avril in White from RFyre for this very reason.  The embellishment is in the layers of white silk, the sheer chiffon blouse that covers without covering the skin, the gentle twining of the embroidered vines along the front and back, and the cherry red bow on the standup collar. 

This outfit is 3 outfits in one, one of the hallmarks you see often with RFyre outfits, which means, you get multiple wear options.  Wear the blouse and skirt alone, or with the leggings; or forgo the skirt and wear just the pants and blouse.

You may also choose with or without bow, but I couldn’t resist wearing the bright red bow.  It is like the cherry on top of the sundae.  It is just the right accessory, really…the only one you need, and what caught my eye to begin in this sea of shimmery white.  This outfit is the full package all tied up with a bow.

Style Card:

Outfit: Avril Women’s in White – RFyre

Hair: Ouzo – LOQ

Eye Makeup: – Silver Goddess – Changing Faces, Eyeshadow A 010 – Aleida

Lips: Red 02 – Izzie

Lashes: Luscious 039 – Redgrave

Nails: Metallic White Chalk – PurpleMoon

Shoes: Vanity Ankle Boots – Dark Red – Drakke!

Poses: Diesel Works Poses & Animations